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‘The Announcement!’

I had the absolute please of viewing the fantastic new ESPN documentary last titled ‘The Announcement’.

‘The Announcement’ in question is the announcement Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson made to the world informing them he had contracted the HIV Virus. As usual with ESPN documentaries you know you can expect a sports film of the highest quality, some of the biggest names commenting and probably a few tears.

‘The Announcement’ wasn’t any different. It jumped straight into Magic and Bird tussling it out in the 1979 NCAA finals to Magic’s rookie year with the Lakers in rapid time.

It focused a lot on Magic being somewhat the ‘King’ of L.A, almost an attraction if you will to a whole Nation let alone just residents of Los Angeles. ESPN obviously didn’t touch too much of the subject of Magic’s ‘partying’ and rightly so. Magic’s wife Cookie was a prominent face throughout the documentary and she showed nothing but love and support for Magic, despite him so obviously betraying her sexually.

The team doctor talking about getting Magic’s results back was heartbreaking, and the detail Magic discussed in his having to go home and tell Cookie was intense. Magic did go on to say he wasn’t sure he could have lived with himself if he had have infected Cookie, and their soon to be born baby. Intense!

The build up to the announcement was brutal, from his secretive plan from the media (displaying it as flu like symptoms) to pulling a team meeting and breaking down in front of them was so brutally honest of Magic. These are details he still could have kept to himself to this day. ESPN used actual footage from the huge announcement and showed just how it shocked the sport and the world.

The documentary did this historic moment in sport a huge justice, with its subject being one of the most loved, respected and general good guys of the sport. It’s displaying of a hero rising to fame, gaining respect from all his peers, to the HIV, to people fearing him because of it, to him making people aware and gaining nothing but that respect back made for a fantastic watch, although an emotional one.


Nick H


Tough day for a few punters today with some ugly results *cough cough * Knicks *cough*. 

Please see the results of today’s craziness: 

Jaysmd         8

Danvsport       7

Ratty_Hustler      7

Afterthekick        6

Happychappy0987 6

MillwallChris       6

sportspickaust 6

Uppyk   6 

BezerkerMPS 5

BiddleBits  5 

Brendan_E  5

ButchNick  5

Cliffbingham  5

Nick_A_How 5

NickoToGo  5

mono85 4

shane_sports 4

Tomedwardfoster 4

Wayne_bird  4

HD_Paul 3 

Andthefoulnet 2 

A great result for Jaysmd who has been doing well lately. We will publish a leaderboard soon as well. 

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Final Scores

Denver Nuggets 99 (Lawson 26 Pts) – Toronto Raptors 105 (Bargnani 26 Pts)

Orlando Magic 86 (Nelson 17 Pts) – New York Knicks 108 (Anthony/Shumpert 25 Pts)

Minnesota Timberwolves 88 (Love 40 Pts) – Charlotte Bobcats 83 (Magette 22 Pts)

Detroit Pistons 87 (Prince 29 Pts) – Cleveland Cavaliers 75 (Irving 22 Pts)

Utah Jazz 82 (Hayward 19 Pts) – Boston Celtics 94 (Garnett 23 Pts)

Indiana Pacers 84 (George 22 Pts) – New Jersey Nets 100 (Williams 30 Pts)

Chicago Bulls 98 (Deng 22 Pts) – Atlanta Hawks 77 (Smith 19 Pts)

San Antonio Spurs 117 (Ginobili 20 Pts) – Sacramento Kings 112 (Thomas 28 Pts)

New Orleans Hornets 102 Pts (Belinelli 22 Pts) – Golden State Warriors 87 (Lee 28 Pts)

Phoenix Suns 86 (Gortat 23 Pts) – Los Angeles Clippers 103 (Griffin 27 Pts)

For The Punters – Wednesday

Today feels like the Bookies have left some bait on the line or missed the boat because there are some good numbers on the board. Let’s play

Orlando @ New York: Orlando -2 ($1 = 1.91)
This will be a comfortable win for the magic. Knicks are without Stoudemire and Lin while Melo will be playing at 80%  with a strained groin. The Knicks play their home court well but the Magic will be too much too handle.

Multi: Minnesota ($1 = 1.41) + San Antonio ($1 = 1.62) total = 2.28
Minnesota should crush a pathetic Charlotte team, expect the Spurs to have a little more trouble containing a young Kings team but they will be too good.

Good luck to all the punters




All odds courtesy of

Amar’e To Miss 2-4 Weeks With A Bulging Disc!

The New York Knicks have confirmed Amare Stoudemire will miss at least 2 possibly 4 weeks of action. With a month left in the regular season and the Knicks playoff hopes hanging by a thread this is a huge blow.

Amare will undergo non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation for bulging discs in his back. New York Coach Woodson has said of Stoudemire “He’s a big piece of this puzzle,” the coach said. “But I want him to be healthy when he comes back and not (to) come back trying to play hurt. That’s the most important thing.”

2012 Draft Watch – Round 3

Welcome to another edition of our weekly 2012 NBA Draft watch.

As the draft nears the anticipation is bubbling in what is looking to be one of the best draft classes in years.

We have covered 3 future prospects each week, and here are our 3 for this week.

First up –

Jared Sullinger – Power Forward

This physical PF currently playing ball out of Ohio State has been heaping praise for sometime, Bill Simmon’s of the B.S Report discussed him this week in conversation with Steve Kerr and is quite the fan. Sullinger is expected to be picked within the top 10. (more…)



Cleveland Caveliers 85 (Parker 14) – Philadelphia 76ers 103 (Meeks 31)

Atlanta Hawks 101 (Smith 30) – Milwaukee Bucks 108 (Ellis 33)

Minnesota Timberwolves 86 (Love 28) – Memphis Grizzlies 93 (Gay 21) 

Houston Rockets 81 (Scola 22) – Dallas Mavericks 90 (Nowitzki 21)

San Antonio Spurs 107 (Duncan 26) – Phoenix Suns 100 (Brown 32) 

Oklahoma City Thunder 109 (Westbrook 32) – Portland Trailblazers 95 (Hickson 21)

Los Angeles Lakers 104 (Bryant 30) – Golden State Warriors 101 (Lee & Rush 23)


Wow , a pretty even slate of games but we have some wicked punters among us. 7 punters went a PERFECT 7 of 7 congrats to you.

Nick_A_How 7

Ratty_Hustler 7

BiddleBits 7

cliffbingham 7

MillwallChris 7

TomEdwardFoster 7

wayne_bird 7

mono85 6

UppyK 6

Brendan_E 6

NickoToGo 5

jaysmd 5

Shane_Sports 5

HD_Paul 4

ButchNick 4

Andthefoulnet 4

BezerkerMPS 4

happychappy0987 4

afterthekick 4

steveq91 3

Danvsport 2

We received no tips for the following today:




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NBA Nation Australia’s Weekly Roundtable

Welcome to another edition of NBA Nations Australia’s Roundtable Discussion

Our Roundtable Knights Are:

Nick Caro: @NickoToGo

Nick How: @Nick_A_How

Sam Monoghan: @Mono85


Patty Mills Was Looking For A New NBA Contract, Now He’s Got One!

The San Antonio Spurs have finally announced the signing of Australian Patty Mills.

Guard Mills had been looking for a return to the NBA since leaving Portland to play in China during the NBA lockout.  (more…)