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2012 NBA Draft Results

The 2012 NBA Draft has just concluded, and we are about to see 60 brand new faces enter the league this season. Here are the final results:


NBA Twitter Trolls Running Wild!

Over the past week, we have seen (and in some cases been fooled by) a number of false Twitter accounts created by people who claim to be highly trusted and credible sources in the NBA World. These fake accounts are constructed to fool people into thinking big moves and trades have been made by NBA franchises for little more than a cheap laugh.


Finally A Champion: The Coming Of Age Of LeBron James

He’s been called the greatest player of our generation, the most gifted all-round player since Michael Jordan and the most recognizable face in the NBA. He’s seen the highs and the lows of the game from his rookie year at the Cleveland Cavaliers, up until his 2012 finals push with the Miami Heat. He’s been hated and loved, ridiculed and praised. But for all his criticism and all his accolades, there is only one thing that has ever really mattered in the mind of LeBron James. The title of NBA Champion.


Charlotte Bobcats reveal NEW uniforms – now the Cats ?

The Charlotte Bobcats today revealed their new 2012/13 season uniforms.



Ramon Sessions Declines Player Option; Will Become Unrestriced Free Agent

This morning the Los Angeles Lakers released information surrounding Ramon Sessions and his decision to opt out of a $4.5 million player option available to him which would have seen the point guard remain at the Lakers for at least one more season. The Lakers acquired Sessions from Cleveland mid-season in the hope of improving their speed and efficiency problems at the point. The deal saw veteran guard Derek Fisher leave L.A. for Oklahoma via Houston, along with Jason Kapono, Luke Walton and a 1st round draft pick. This morning, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak announced while Sessions would test free agency from July 1st, it was not set in stone as to whether or not he would remain a Laker.


Charlotte Bobcats Appoint Mike Dunlap As Head Coach

The struggling Charlotte Bobcats have officially hired St John’s College assistant coach Mike Dunlap to replace Paul Silas at the helm of the down and out franchise after months of talks with several candidates.



As most fans would agree, the 2011-12 NBA season has seen an increase in the amount of players taking a ‘flop’.

Is this testing your patience and are you growing increasingly tired of seeing this getting looked past within the game?


OKC Coach: Rejects new contract

Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks has reportedly rejected a new deal from the Oklahoma City Thunder

NBANation GM: Denver Nuggets

NBA Nation GM: Denver Nuggets

Aim as 2012/13 GM:
As GM we are looking to stabilize the Nuggets roster of core players whilst trimming the fat and saving some money on particular contracts.

2012-2013 Salary Cap = $58 million

2012-2013 contracted players:

  • Afflalo $7.5 million
  • Harrington $6.6 million
  • Anderson $4.5 million
  • Gallinari $9.4 million
  • Brewer $3.2 million
  • Mozgov $2.7 million
  • McGee $3.4 million
  • Koufos $3 million
  • Fernandez $3.1 million
  • Lawson $2.5 million
  • Faried $1.3million
  • Hamilton $1.5 million
  • Stone $700,000

Total: $42.2 million

Cap Room – $15.8 million


Brandon Roy “I’m preparing for a return next year”

Brandon Roy made a surpising announcement via Twitter this weekend.