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Off Season Moves: The Los Angeles Lakers

During the course of the free agency period 2012, the Los Angeles Lakers have attempted to address areas where, over the past two seasons, they have struggled to make an impact and in the end fallen to teams that were far more superior in these areas. It was almost as if this great franchise was becoming one of the more slow, tired and old teams in the league, and something simply had to be done. After the new CBA was put into effect, the Lakers were put under immense pressure to sign good players cheaply, as they were not only over the salary cap, they would also incur a huge fee as part of the luxury tax. They had at their disposal a mini mid-level player exception as part of the Lamar Odom trade, and could potentially sign players at veteran minimums, but in reality it looked fairly grim for a team in desperate need of spark and talent. Here, we will take a look at the trades Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss have been able to pull off in a time where the Lakers are simply desperate to reclaim the throne and once again be NBA Champions.


2012/13 NBA Schedule

The 2012/13 NBA regular season schedule has been released! You can check it out right HERE thanks to the good people at SB Nation.


The NBA is a worldwide billion-dollar machine. Plain and simple.  

You can argue that team owners have been losing money faster than they ever have resulting in teams being sold, moved and bailed out by the NBA and it would be true, but that doesn’t change the fact that the NBA brings in billions of dollars into the system year after year. From merchandise sales, to worldwide broadcast deals, bums on seats and everything else in between, the NBA is all about the $$$…and here we all are thinking it was about entertainment.


A Look Inside LeBron’s Email? Surely Not!

Earlier today this picture leaked along with the implication that LeBron James’ email had been hacked and this was the accompanying screenshot to the leak. However, upon reading through the list of emails, one realizes the correspondence between Lebron and his friends and acquaintances is nothing short of gut-wrenchingly hilarious. The fact that someone has set up numerous Gmail accounts for the soul purpose of giving us NBA fans a laugh is amazingly commendable. Everything from an apparent conversation with Dwight Howard about where he’ll play next season, and an email from Michael Jordan telling LeBron his feats are nothing compared to that of his own, to a particularly funny status update from Tim Duncan and a dodgy conversation with David Stern. This made our day. Thanks whoever you are.

Nick C.

NBA To Re-Introduce 90’s Throwback Jerseys

It’s all happening on the jersey front today with the league revealing it will re-introduce the Hardwood Classic jerseys for a number of games throughout the regular season. These jerseys, which were worn throughout the 1990’s, are still a hit amongst collectors and highly sought after on seller websites such as eBay. Fans will be able to enjoy their teams playing in these throwback jerseys as early as next season!

Nick C.

Advertising On NBA Jerseys A real Possibility

Recent discussions within the NBA have yielded the league’s intention to one day brand team jerseys with advertising in major sponsorship deals that would see large amounts of revenue for the league and its teams. Much like the branding in European football, or Australian rugby league, the NBA’s jerseys would likely see a small emblem located on the chest, with a larger advertisement emblazoned across the back.

So far, fans have publicly voiced their distaste at the proposal with many saying they would never again purchase an NBA jersey should it be approved. Others compared it to Nascar and its overuse of brand name sponsorship. Whatever the case, it is likely that the NBA will give in, and fans will will have no choice but to accept their role as a walking billboard and take part in the publication and advertisement of corporate America.

The NBA has stated that should there be approval, the transition would likely take place in “one to two years”.

Below is an example of the Los Angeles Lakers jersey and the proposed advertising that would be present on it. What do you think? Is this a smart, financially beneficial move by the NBA, or is it going one step too far?

Nick C.



The Boston Celtics have finally picked up Houston guard Courtney Lee.

The deal will include a sign & trade and currently Celtics forward JuJuan Johnson will be going the other way. It’s likely the deal will also include Sean Williams, and possibly E’Twaun Moore. Financial details are as yet unknown but with it being a sign & trade the deal will be at least three year deal (although the second and/or third seasons can be non-guaranteed.)



Denver Re-Sign JaVale McGee

The Denver Nuggets have re-signed 24 year old center JaVale McGee to a 4 year, $44 Million contract, sources say. Mcgee, brought to Denver from Washington earlier this year, was instrumental for the Nuggets through their playoffs series against the Lakers in May. Questions were raised as to the validity of the trade which saw star center Nene shipped to the Wizards for the at times erratic McGee but he was able to prove himself and earn the respect of the Nuggets organization and the fans during his time with them. McGee’s talents were brought to light when facing elimination at the Staples Center in game 5 of the first round of the 2011/12 playoffs against the Lakers where he scored 21 points and pulled down 15 boards to help the team avoid sudden death.


Portland Trail Blazers Retain Nicolas Batum

After days upon days of conjecture the Portland Trail Blazers have matched the Minnesota Timberwolves $45 Million over 4 years offer sheet for 23 year old forward/guard Nicolas Batum. Minnesota had expressed their interest in Batum for a number of weeks and offered him a contract that would have seen the Portland swingman headed to the Wolves alongside Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love. However Portland, after a tumultuous off season, have decided it is within their best interests to retain him. Minnesota had hoped to still gain his services but Portland have vowed that they would do whatever it takes to keep him.

Batum flew back from French Olympic team training Wednesday to complete the deal which will see him represent Rip City once again in 2012/13

Olympic Basketball Schedule

Each day the Olympics creep closer and closer. Each team is playing their final warm up games in coming days including Team USA.


The 12 team competition has been split into 2 Groups – 6 teams each.

Group A

– Argentina

– France

– Tunisia

– United States

– Nigeria

– Lithuania 

Group B

– Australia

– Brazil

– China

– Spain

– Great Britain

– Russian Federation


Please find the Olympic schedule at the following link – 2012 Olympic Basketball