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NBA Nation Australia’s Roundtable

Our NBA Nation Australia Roundtable Knights are:

Nick Caro: @NickoToGo

Sam Monaghan: @Mono85

Nick Russell: @NickARuss

Nick How: @Nick_A_How

This week’s Roundtable we tackle areas such as the Olympics, the Dwight Howard trade and our early predictions for season 2012!


Andrew Bynum ‘Excited’ To Be A Sixer; Considering Long-Term Stay

Ex-Lakers Center Andrew Bynum has been welcomed by the Philadelphia 76er’s in an open press conference in which he expressed his happiness at being part of the team, and how he is leaning towards signing an extension.

Bynum was traded to the Sixers as part of the blockbuster deal which saw Dwight Howard head to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers.

Full press conference below:

Derrick Rose Rises

Following the horrific, season ending knee injury to the Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, there was much anguish over when the MVP guard would play again. For fans of the NBA, it was a bitter loss of one of the games most talented players but for Bulls fans, it was even worse. Rose’s injury essentially spelled the end for a team in desperate need of it’s star.

However this morning, Adidas (Rose’s major sponsor) released a video that may suggest this young star may not be as far away from returning to the game as once thought. It is evident that through hard work and vigorous strength and condition training, D-Rose has pushed himself to a point where he may be back before we know it. We can only hope, but things are looking up.
You can watch the advert below:

Did Dwight leave a Nugget in Denver?

It’s not often a team trade’s spare parts for a All-Star Gold Medalist . Thats what the Nuggets have done on the back of the Dwight Howard Mega trade. 

Denver had to part with: 

  • Forward – Al Harrington 
  • Guard – Arron Afflalo 
  • 2014 1st Round Pick (either DEN or NYK depending on conditions of the deal)
  • 2014 2nd Round Pick

Denver received:

– Forward – Andre Iguodala 

  • – 2012 NBA All- Star
  • 2012 London Olympics Gold Medalist
  • 2005 All Rookie First Team
  • Career 12.4 PPG, 6.1 RPG, 5.5 APG and 1.7 APG


Denver upgraded a position which they were lacking. They weren’t lacking at guard, but lacking a defensive powerhouse. Igoudala has been troubling Eastern conference offenses  since 04-05. Now a wiley veteran Iggy will bring mature leadership and strong leadership to a young and physically gifted team. Alongside Karl, Gallinari, and Miller Iggy joins a crew capable of being a nuisance to the Western Conference powerhouse Lakers, Thunder and Spurs. 

The Nuggets lacked balance over the last 2 seasons. The Nuggets would struggle to string wins together, this could partly be put down to youth but they lacked consistency on both ends of the court. The Nuggets showed they can compete with the best teams last season by pushing the Lakers to seven games. Iguodala provides the leadership, cool head, strong hands and experience to lead this Nuggets to another playoff campaign and possibly more. 

This trade has the Mile High City excited and ready for a mouth-watering 2012/2013 season.

Dwight Howard Deal Done; Will Head To Lakers

Well folks, it seems as though the wait is finally over. The source of scrutiny and pain throughout the past 6 months has finally been relieved. Dwight Howard is a Laker.  It began this morning with Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports! reporting that a deal involving 4 teams was being discussed in order to bring the 3 time DPOY to the Lakers.


Westbrook goes BOOM-SHAKLAKA on Argentina

Westbrook goes BOOM-SHAKLAKA on Argentina. USA wins 126- 97

All Let Us Rejoice – Australia’s Boomer Nation

Australia is a pretty proud sporting nation. It’s part of our psyche, our national identity…hell; its even part of our requirement for new Australian’s to know for their citizenship tests. Our reputation around the world as sportsmen and women is of the highest regard. Their fans are loud, proud and don’t like to accept anything but the best.

Look at what’s going on at the Olympics at the moment and you will see first hand the pressure our greatest athletes feel from their adoring, passionate and brutal legion of fans and the general public. Only the one gold medal (at the time of writing) and we are calling for blood to be spilt. Individuals, teams…noone is spared. If you don’t perform, well, we all know what happens. That’s pressure right there.


USA Blow out Tunisia; Kobe Signs Shoe

Many will argue that he’s one of the top 5 players of all time. A glorified Champion, decorated by the most prestigious awards basketball has to offer. A household name synonymous with not only basketball but also sport in all its forms. A generous, humble and brilliant talent. Yet for all his accolades, Kobe Byrant sees himself above nobody. The Lakers champion and Olympic hero consistently shows how passionate he is on and off the court and yesterday, in a whitewash Olympic victory for team USA over Tunisia, the greatness of the Black Mamba was put on display. However it wasn’t on the pine this time around.

Following the USA’s 110-63 blowout of Tunisia yesterday, Bryant, who only played 6 minutes, was approached by forward Mohamed Hdidane who offered him a worn sneaker and a marker. Kobe signed the shoe and the two embraced. It wasn’t the situation that was wonderful, it was the true nature of sportsmanship and outright respect shown by the Tunisian which was the real source of admiration. The fact that so many millions would love to meet and obtain a signature from Kobe, yet through the game of basketball a player who had obviously grown up watching him, not only got his signature, but also had the honor of playing against him is what sport is all about. It was refreshing to see a champion and his admirer be able to enjoy the game together like that.

Should be a great story for Hdidane’s grand children one day, right?

Nick C.