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Welcome to Part three of our team preseason previews! Today we take a quick look at the Charlotte Bobcats, Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors and how they will go this coming season!



Spurs Unveil New-Look Uniform

In what can only be described as an attempt to provide a fresh, youthful look to an aging side, the San Antonio Spurs have unveiled what will be the new clash jersey worn during many of the team’s home games this coming season. The grey kit, has the iconic Spurs logo emblazoned across the heart will be worn 12 times throughout the regular season and the reaction to it has been mixed. Many believe the plain nature of the jersey suggests the team is preparing to make room for advertising and deviates too much from the original, whilst others say it is a much needed change and look forward to seeing the team play in the new kit.

Rick Pych, Spurs Sports & Entertainment President of Business Operations had this to say:

“We are introducing a new and unique Spurs jersey this coming season. The new design simply features our iconic ‘spur’ logo and it is positioned over the heart as it has such enormously deep roots with our team, fans and the entire community. It’s the first-ever NBA jersey logo without any writing or peripheral design on the front of the jersey and we’re very glad to be introducing this new use of the classic icon of the Spurs to our fans.”

Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green were chosen to model the new-look jersey and the first pictures can be seen below.

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NBA Nation Australia’s Season Previews – Part 2

Welcome to Part two of our team preseason previews! Today we take a quick look at the Chicago Bulls, Denver Nuggets and Cleveland Cavaliers and how they will go in the coming season!


NBA Nation Australia’s Pre-Season Previews: Part One

Welcome to the first instalment of NBA Nation Australia’s 2012/13 season! Over the coming weeks we will be breaking down each team and their summer movements in an attempt to accurately place their final position on the NBA table at the end of the season.

Today, we take a look at the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets.

We’re all waiting impatiently for the new season to start, be ready for it with NBA Nation’s Season Preview!


Matt Barnes Close To Deal With Clippers

Ex-Lakers bad boy Matt Barnes has reportedly agreed to terms with  rival Los Angeles club the Clippers. Though nothing is confirmed, sources at CBS have reported that after lengthy talks with many clubs including the Lakers, Nets and Heat, the small forward has told the Clippers he will sign with them them.

It’s unknown where Barnes will fit into the already loaded Clippers lineup with Grant Hill, Lamar Odom and Caron Butler already filling out the roster in the forwards but Barnes could be a handy addition to their already deep bench.

Barnes was not offered an extension by the Lakers after the team’s acquisitions of Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Antawn Jamison and Jodi Meeks this summer and has since been shopping himself in hopes of finding a new home. Unfortunately Barnes has a knack for finding trouble, most recently being cited for a traffic violation and resiting arrest along with a host of other on and off court incidents.

Barnes began his NBA career with the Clippers 9 years ago.

Nick C.


After various photos were leaked through numerous social photo apps recently, the Nets have come out and unveiled their new home – The Barclays Center.

The Nets official website this week posted the good looking photos, as  well as dropping some specs on us..




With the NBA just around the corner, the team at NBA Nation Australia decided to take a look at who we think are the current 25 Best players in the league. We thought it was going to be easy and that we would all agree, ha! If it was only that simple. After days of discussion and a few little arguments, we have finally managed to put together a list!  Am sure some of you will think we have been too generous with some spots, too hard on some players, or just downright crazy!? Check it out and let us know!



Former Knicks legend Patrick Ewing has turned down an offer to take up his first Head Coach role.

Despite this being the type of role Ewing has been looking for, for sometime it has been suggested it was declined because it was for a position at the Knicks’ D-League club.


Dwight Howard To Work With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

After weeks of speculation surrounding Laker Dwight Howard’s eventual return to the pine, the superstar center was recently boasting his intentions of working closely with former legend and all time scoring champ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in an attempt to learn the ways of becoming a true champion in Lakers folklore. Howard had stated that he had spoken with Abdul-Jabbar and the two would be working together in the coming months. However yesterday KAJ stated he had not, and would be unlikely to, meet with Howard and the center looked as though he may have been pulling the legs of Lakers fans.

But early this morning both Howard and Kareem tweeted a photo of the two in what looks like a friendly, excitable meeting which may suggest that they may in fact become not only student and mentor, but also friends. Howard tweeted “God is good. This is a dream come true. Me and KAJ together for many years to come. Go Lakers.” Whilst Abdul-Jabbar tweeted “Great meeting you today. Lakers Nation is in great hands for years to come. Now let’s WIN a championship!”

The content may also suggest that Howard has already decided upon where he’ll play following his first year in L.A. following months of speculation about the possibility of a contract extension and if he’ll stay with the Lakers long term. From what we can see here, Dwight and Kareem both seem fairly sure L.A. could very well be the place that superman calls home for the foreseeable future.


Lakers Nation seems to be in pretty good shape right about now. We can only assume that this meeting between a Lakers legend and a current superstar is the beginning of what promises to be yet another golden era in LaLa land.

Nick C.