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2012-13 NBA Punters Preview – Team Totals, MVP’s and Rookies.

2012-13 NBA Punters Preview – Team Totals, MVP’s and Rookies.

As we fast approach a new season we want to pass on some words of wisdom to you.
We all love a bet, a cheeky punt from time to time and what better time then the start of the  NBA season. We think we have found a few options for you this season.

Team Win Totals – Over or Under? 

Often most punters will go with their hearts rather then their heads. The public tends to bet on positive outcomes,additionally it takes some talent to look behind the tabloid stories and chase your own proof. dAfter reviewing these win totals we can see the following teams exceeding bookie’s expectations.

Atlanta – over 43.5 wins – $1.95 @ Sportingbet

Cleveland – over 32.5 wins – $2.35 @ Sportingbet

Denver – over 49.5 wins – $1.95 @ Sportingbet


This year could see a few teams start slipping out of contention. When looking at these totals we considered roster, schedule and front office. Unfortunatley we think the bookies have overrated the following teams.

Philadelphia – under 47.5 wins – $1.83 @ Sportingbet

Dallas – under 42.5 wins – $1.78 @ Sportsbet

Minnesota – under 39.5 wins – $1.71 @ Sportingbet

MVP – 2 horse race? 

Picking an MVP over an 82 game season is a difficult task. The boys at NBA Nation Australia think it’ll be a 2 horse race between Lebron James and Kevin Durant. The two forwards are set for an almighty battle leading their teams back to the top of respective conferences. After the recent Harden trade Durant will have to shoulder even more burden, just getting his team to the conference finals will be worthy of the award. While Lebron can solidify his place amongst NBA greats with another MVP award as the Heat look to charge through the East.

Lebron James – $2.60 @ Sportingbet

Kevin Durant – $5.00 @ Sportingbet

Rookie of the Year – Who can stand tall ?

Every year one rookie rises above the rest. In recent years its been Irving, Griffin, Evans and Rose – some great names. This year looks like a lock. Number 1 draft pick Anthony Davis was given a trial by fire before even playing a NBA game – getting a few minutes with the US Olympic team. We like the experience combined with his size and monobrow to take out the award this year.  If you are looking for a bit more value look at Damian Lillard a point guard playing for Portland or Andrew Drummond playing centre for the Pistons. Both of these players will get good minutes, its merely in their hands to convert. Lillard should finish the season in a starting role while Drummond can rotate to power-forward while Monroe is on the court.

Anthony Davis – $2.50 @ Sportingbet

Damian Lillard – $5.50 @Sportingbet

Andre Drummond – $31.00 @Sportingbet.

Good luck with all your picks this upcoming season. Feel free to let us know your thoughts below in the comments section and hit us up on Twitter at @nbanationoz .

Good luck and happy punting.

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One Comment on “2012-13 NBA Punters Preview – Team Totals, MVP’s and Rookies.”

  1. Tom Read October 28, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    I’m getting on “Any other player” at $6.50… It includes Alexy Shved & Jonas Valnanchunas who could be anything this year…

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