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NBA Nation Australia’s Podcast Guide

NBA Podcasting. A relatively new idea that has been brought about as a result of the planet continuing to engage in evolving technology. A medium for fans to gain access to a world of information surrounding their favorite topics and one that basketball fans are extremely involved in. Fans aren’t just listening to podcasts, they’re also being actively involved in their production with some fantastic amateur shows available, some of which originate right here in Australia. Yours truly has given up listening to music on the trip to and from work in exchange for NBA Podcasts and find a wealth of knowledge within it. There is something special about listening to a variety of different opinions and views on topics surrounding the game we love and podcasts are the ideal way to do that.

We at NBA Nation decided that as this ever evolving medium continues to grow and fluctuate, it becomes more and more important for people to become involved with podcasts. So, we’ve decided the best thing to do is provide our readers with a guide to six of the better podcasts out there including links so you can access and be a part of one of the fastest growing journalism avenues in the NBA stratosphere. In no particular order, this is NBA Nation Australia’s Basketball Podcast Guide. Enjoy!

1. The Basketball Jones – Heyyyo!!

Maybe the most popular NBA Podcast going around, and definitely one of the best. This is J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas’ very own The Basketball Jones. Originating in Canada, these young Toronto Raptors fans have built this podcast from the ground up, enlisting the help of their friends Trey Kerby and Australian Leigh Ellis to give the World a light-hearted, yet informative look at all things NBA. Since their beginnings, TBJ have ventured into video podcasting also which has been a huge success for the team as well as the standard audio version which is available via their blog or the iTunes podcast store. The Basketball Jones has a new episode of ‘The Fix’ available daily, while an extended episode of ‘The Overdose’ is available on Saturday’s once every week. Here’s everything you need to get in touch with TBJ:

Rating: 9/10

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Twitter: @JESkeets @TasMelas @TreyKerby @LeighEllis

2. The Jalen Rose Report/Grantland – Gotta Give The People What they Want!

Hugely popular, and my personal favorite, not many people know more about basketball than Mr. Jalen Rose himself. Part of the legendary Michigan Fab 5, and an NBA fan favorite, Jalen has shaped himself into one of the more likeable, funny and friendly personalities in the NBA family. His podcast is a weekly installment via the Grantland network with fellow analyst David Jacoby, and you can be sure every talking point is dissected and examined by these two guys with what can only be described as a true love of the game. Funny and informative, Jalen and Jacoby will keep you 110% in the know and have you entertained for a whole hour every week! Jalen is also an analyst for ESPN and is also a new anchor on NBA Countdown alongside Mike Wilbon, Magic Johnson and Bill Simmons.

Rating: 10/10

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Facebook (Grantland)

Twitter: @JalenRose

3. That Basketball Show – Slap the Vegemite on thick!

The first Australian Podcast in our guide comes thanks to Brent Veale (AKA Mr. Train) and Reece Pedretti (AKA Pumpa). Two Melbourne chaps who love nothing more than cracking open a beer, talking about the NBA and recording the whole thing. Hilarity often ensues. It really is that simple over at #ThatBS HQ.  These guys have forged a fantastic, informative and interesting Podcast which is available weekly and covers everything from the past week’s NBA action, to stories that’ll have you in stitches. All with a real Aussie feel. These two lads know how to keep you entertained!


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Twitter: @MrTrain @Pumpa5

4. The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons – He must be a popular dude!

One of the most respected sports journalists out there with a wealth of knowledge in almost every area, Bill Simmons’ weekly podcast is one of the most informative podcasts you’ll find. The BS Report covers mostly NBA, but also MLB and NFL and often has some great guests on the program which is worth the download alone. Bill is graduate of Boston University, Massachusetts and has always had a love for his North East sporting teams the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots but always has a very realistic view the teams he loves. There is little bias and Bill calls it like he sees it which is one of the great things about this Podcast. Bill is also co-anchor of NBA Countdown on ESPN with Jalen Rose and the Editor In Chief of renowned sports blog Grantland.com. You want a credible, stat-filled, knowledgeable podcast? This one is for you.

Rating: 9/10

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Facebook (Grantland)

Twitter: @BillSimmons

5. #BelieveTheHype with Tom and Benyam – Layups are for girls!

The second of our Aussie Podcasts and two guys who absolutely live and breath everything NBA. Tom Read and Benyam Kidane’s #BelieveTheHype podcast is currently building momentum and creating some buzz around the Australian NBA journalism world. A down to Earth, informative look at the World of the NBA from two guys who love nothing more than watching their Lakers and Sixers play ball. Recently the guys have interviewed some big names including current NBA star Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies! The boys are also working tirelessly to support two charities by running the Hardwood Throwback Race! You can read all about it on the blog and listen to their antics on the podcast.

Rating 8/10

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Twitter: @TraRead @benyamKidane

6. Hang Time Podcast with Sekou Smith – Tip Off!

The Hang Time Podcast with Sekou Smith and Rick Fox is the official NBA.com podcast so as you can imagine, they are able to get the best guests and often the most credible news out there. Most recently the guys had Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak on the show to discuss all things Lakers following the news of Mike D’Antoni’s impending era as head coach. What other podcast gets guests like that?! This is a great podcast for die hard NBA fans that want good banter from two real hoop heads!

Rating: 7/10

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Twitter: @SekouSmithNBA

There you have it folks. Six great podcasts to get you through your working week! There are a bunch of others out there and the more you search the more you find. You can even find team specific Podcasts if you only want to hear about your team and no one else! Please let us know if you have a podcast you’d like us to check out or one you think we’d enjoy and we’ll be sure to give it a listen!

Nick Caro (@NickoToGo)

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3 Comments on “NBA Nation Australia’s Podcast Guide”

  1. @MrTrain November 26, 2012 at 6:02 pm #

    I love this. Its awesome all round! Glad nba today isnt on there, what the hell happened to that. No russilo no nba today as far as a lot of people are converned.
    I do like the cbs basketball podcast. mainly cos its a daily nba podcast. Ull either tolerate or hate the dudes. I dont love em. But its daily. And i needs my podcasts!
    Great stuff gents, i love yas

    • NBA Nation Australia November 26, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

      Thanks Train – Yes the CBS podcast is great, but I’ve only just started listening to it and I haven’t been a fan quite long enough! Glad you like it :)

  2. NBA Nation Australia November 27, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Since posting, we’ve had a lot off comments about the CBS basketball Podcast with Zach Harper and Matt Moore. While we do enjoy this show, it didn’t quite make our top 6 but we are well aware of this quality Podcast! Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep ‘em coming!

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