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Straight To The Bank – NBA Punting Tips

The NBA season is long, part of the joy is the grind. With the grind comes considerations like effort, stats and priorities. When betting on day-to-day sports like the NBA  so many things need to be taken into consideration.

Data to be considered for making the best bet:

  • Relevant data – point differential and turnovers are one of the best key indicators of how good a particular team is. 
  • Schedule – take advantage of back to backs, breaks in schedule, road trips. I cant stress how easy it is to pick off teams on the 2nd or 3rd nights of back-to-back games. Combine this with a road-trip – like Detroit’s 6 game road-trip West to start the season – and it becomes a bit easier to pick winners.
  • Dont chase value – take your winnings where you can. On a night when San Antonio and the Heat are certainties then multi these 2 and be happy with the win. Just like an NBA team its a long season. Adding a team to a multi that you just aren’t sure about 
  • Have a list of teams you trust (good understanding and feel of) as well as teams which you know to stay away from – makes picking games much easier. 

Key numbers in NBA Betting:

 – Numbers #5 – #8 – 25% of NBA games finish with a winning margin between 5 & 8.
(Source LockSmith Sports Picks http://www.locksmithsportspicks.com/nba-key-numbers/)

Teams that we trust at NBA Nation Australia:
1. Memphis (9-2 against the spread) 
2. Oklahoma City (8-5-1 against the spread)
3. New York (8-3 against the spread) 
4. Brooklyn (6-3-2 against the spread) 
5. San Antonio (8-4-1 against the spread) 

Teams we have been picking off recently:
1. Chicago ( 3-9 against the spread) 
2. Phoenix (3-10 against the spread) 
3. New Orleans (-5 point differential over all) 
4. Sacremento (0-5 away) 
5. Toronto (1-7 away)
We hope these tips help you out this season, have fun but always gamble within your means, and never over them.


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