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NBA Nation Australia’s Weekly Roundtable Feat. Alex Young

Welcome to another episode of NBA Nation Australia’s Roundtable! This week we welcome Alex Young of  The Sideline Agenda as a guest on the round table to discuss Linsanity in Houston, Kyrie and Rubio’s effect on their teams, ideal All NBA teams, Anderson Varejao and the league’s biggest stars since MJ. Feel free to tweet us your thoughts @NBANationOz or leave a comment below. Let’s go!



Who is better – Melo or Kobe?

Without a doubt the NBA is experiencing one of its brightest periods. We are witnessing perhaps some of the best players of the last 20 years play alongside each other. Super Teams are being built each year – Miami, Boston, Los Angeles while others are still rebuilding. Superstars still remain.

Facing off ... Bryant and Anthony

Facing off … Bryant and Anthony


Stephen A Smith: Me & Kobe – An Interview With The Black Mamba

dm_121212_nba_kobe_bryant_interview (1)



In an interview this morning with ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith, the Black Mamba Kobe Bryant sat down to discuss what is happening with the underachieving, struggling Los Angeles Lakers. This interview is a great insight into how the players, coaching staff and organisation are viewing the current situation and Bryant, as their leader gives an interview in which he truly demonstrates not only what a phenomenal player and leader he is, but also how important a figure he is within the World of basketball. Kobe touches on everything from injuries, to chemistry, to coaching, to public perception and says it all with a complete confidence that some day, thing will turn around for him and his Lakers. The interview is approximately 20 minutes long, and broken into 3 parts. Take the time, and watch as the most important voice in Laker land sheds light on the burning question every NBA fan is asking. What is wrong with the L.A. Lakers?


NBA Nation Australia Roundtable

Welcome  back to NBA Nation Australia’ s Roundtable. This week we tackle the recent Spurs vs David Stern debacle, Hack-A- Shaq , the NBA’s bad boys and more.


NBA Nation Australia’s Weekly Mailbag


So…. here’s a new idea we have for YOU, the readers…

Alongside the questions we set ourselves here at NBA Nation Australia for our weekly Roundtable feature, we want to be able to run a new piece where we answer the questions you may have for us.

Are there any burning questions you may have for us?

Want to know who we think is currently in the MVP race?

Want to ask us if we think the Knicks have what it takes to go all the way?

Been dying to ask us when do we think Lebron will go completely bald?

Well ask way…

Here’s how it works –




Only five players in history have done it, and of those five players, only one has done it by the age of 34. Kobe Bryant entered the league 17 years ago as a young high school prospect from Lower Merion where he had been scouted and eventually drafted from by the Charlotte Hornets. Bryant was quickly traded to the Los Angeles Lakers where we have since seen what is undoubtedly one of the greatest careers in league history. Today, Kobe Bryant notched his 30,000th career point. He stands 5th on the all time scoring list, behind Chamberlain, Jordan, Malone and Kareem. This was a moment where Kobe Bryant joined an elite club, that very few will ever be a part of.


Byron Mullens Dunk Of The Year Contender

Portland @ Charlotte December 3rd, 2012. Byron Mullens high flying jam over LeMarcus Aldridge!

Phoenix Suns v Charlotte Bobcats


Here we go… it’s that time of year again!

That time where we all are glued to College ball games, and checking stats and reports on the new young ‘uns coming through.

If you followed us through last season, you will know we had our eyes peeled for most players that were finding themselves rising and dropping down mock draft lists.

Last year we picked out 3/4 players each week and gave you our rundown on each players strengths, weaknesses and the general feelings around the net regarding said players.

Currently there is 206 days until the 2013 Draft, so that gives us and yourselves to stick with us at NBA Nation Australia as we find at dissect the stars of tomorrow.

To kick start my Draft watch this year, I’ll start with the player that is currently topping the Mock Drafts that matter…


Cody Zeller – Power Forward/Center




This powerful PF/C from Indiana, has been the talk of people close to the League for sometime. Brother of Cleveland rookie Tyler, Cody plays his college ball out of his hometown. A very smart player with a basketball I.Q years beyond his young age, Cody not only has a good brain but is very skillful for a big man. Cody can at times be caught charging up court and catching defences off while he picks up easy baskets. Despite standing at 6’11”, Zeller is very versatile and is very active even when off the ball. Zeller has a great physical frame, and still has room to bulk up more. Has a pretty decent jump-shot, and tends to hit his free throws.