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Here we go… it’s that time of year again!

That time where we all are glued to College ball games, and checking stats and reports on the new young ‘uns coming through.

If you followed us through last season, you will know we had our eyes peeled for most players that were finding themselves rising and dropping down mock draft lists.

Last year we picked out 3/4 players each week and gave you our rundown on each players strengths, weaknesses and the general feelings around the net regarding said players.

Currently there is 206 days until the 2013 Draft, so that gives us and yourselves to stick with us at NBA Nation Australia as we find at dissect the stars of tomorrow.

To kick start my Draft watch this year, I’ll start with the player that is currently topping the Mock Drafts that matter…


Cody Zeller – Power Forward/Center




This powerful PF/C from Indiana, has been the talk of people close to the League for sometime. Brother of Cleveland rookie Tyler, Cody plays his college ball out of his hometown. A very smart player with a basketball I.Q years beyond his young age, Cody not only has a good brain but is very skillful for a big man. Cody can at times be caught charging up court and catching defences off while he picks up easy baskets. Despite standing at 6’11”, Zeller is very versatile and is very active even when off the ball. Zeller has a great physical frame, and still has room to bulk up more. Has a pretty decent jump-shot, and tends to hit his free throws.

Strengths: High I.Q, Very versatile big man, great hustle, good footwork, ability to finish with both hands.

Weaknesses: Definitely needs to work on his shot blocking, more effective with defensive rebounding, some work to do on his toughness.


Marcus Smart - Point Guard/Shooting Guard




This highly skilled combo guard currently plays his ball out of Oklahoma State and has people around the league watching closely. Currently in most mock drafts Smart is sat at around No.5. Known for his great determination and his winning mentality, Smart is not only a very creative guard but the type of player most coaches would love on their roster. Has a tendency to be a very unselfish player, and will look to create for others way before he looks to create his own look. Has a very strong jumpshot, is hugely versatile, and is an extremely confident player. Smart is the type of player that can turn games as long as he is on court.

Strengths: Confidence, great passer of the ball, has good ability to create his own look. Great team focused player.

Weaknesses: Not the quickest of guards, can be at times a little ball hungry, and could do better to work on rolling off screens.


James McAdoo – Small Forward/Power Forward




This Forward with huge potential currently plays his ball out of the legendary North Carolina, and has had people antennas beeping for sometime. A very slick player with great athleticism is not only a great finisher in the paint but with his big frame has the ability to out muscle his opponent. A fairly aggressive rebounder, but also with his 7’1″ wingspan has the potential to be a huge shot blocker. Despite his size, McAdoo is a fairly decent ball-handler and shows the ability to take the ball from coast-to-coast. Not only is McAdoo a good free throw shooter, but for Carolina is their clutch shooter.

Strengths: Huge potential, great rebounder, good ball handling skills, clutch shooting.

Weaknesses: Not a natural Power Forward at his 6’8″ size, relies on playing with his natural instincts, his game could do with a slight polishing up.


There we have it for our first Draft Watch for the 2013 NBA Draft.

Stick with us at NBA Nation Australia as we  break down the players needing to be watched leading up to their big break into the biggest League of them all.

If there are any players you would like us to feature please hit us up in the comments below or at our Twitter account – @NBANationOz


Nick H



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