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Only five players in history have done it, and of those five players, only one has done it by the age of 34. Kobe Bryant entered the league 17 years ago as a young high school prospect from Lower Merion where he had been scouted and eventually drafted from by the Charlotte Hornets. Bryant was quickly traded to the Los Angeles Lakers where we have since seen what is undoubtedly one of the greatest careers in league history. Today, Kobe Bryant notched his 30,000th career point. He stands 5th on the all time scoring list, behind Chamberlain, Jordan, Malone and Kareem. This was a moment where Kobe Bryant joined an elite club, that very few will ever be a part of.

The Lakers took on the struggling New Orleans Hornets earlier today in a game they knew they must win in order to regain some level of confidence. In a season where the highs have been minimal, this Lakers squad was desperate for a win. That is always the focus for Bryant. Milestone’s are one thing but for him, nothing is more important than winning. So while this milestone was achieved just before half time, with the Lakers trailing, the job remained only half done. but this was, to every Lakers, Kobe and indeed every basketball fan, a very special moment.

With the team down 5 after battling hard through the first half, the major break was looming and the Lakers looked like they needed it. They ball was brought down to the three point line by Metta World Peace, who kicked it to guard Chris Duhon. Duhon moved the ball around the perimeter to a waiting Bryant who immediately penetrated into the paint and dribbled around Robyn Lopez with a Euro step for an easy path to the rack. With that, Kobe rose and tear dropped the ball into the hoop for an easy two.

The Lakers are in the grips of a particularly tumultuous season and when all is said and done, maybe it won’t be one that will be remembered so favorably by the team and it’s fans, but that’s what makes this moment for Bryant and his fans so special. In a time where his team and his city are questioning him, he’s always able to somehow remind us why he is who he is, and why he is to be admired. Through all adversity and hardship, the one they call The Black Mamba will forever be known as not just another player, but indeed as one of the greatest ever.

Congrats on 30,000, Mamba.

Nick C.

Video Below thanks to LakersNation.com

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