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For the fans, By the fans! This blog is all about keeping Australian fans up to date with all things surrounding the NBA!

NBA Nation Australia’s Weekly Mailbag


So…. here’s a new idea we have for YOU, the readers…

Alongside the questions we set ourselves here at NBA Nation Australia for our weekly Roundtable feature, we want to be able to run a new piece where we answer the questions you may have for us.

Are there any burning questions you may have for us?

Want to know who we think is currently in the MVP race?

Want to ask us if we think the Knicks have what it takes to go all the way?

Been dying to ask us when do we think Lebron will go completely bald?

Well ask way…

Here’s how it works -

Any questions you would like to put forward to us we will need you to forward them to one of the following ways.

Email: nbanationaustralia@gmail.com

Twitter: @NBANationOz


Facebook: NBA Nation Australia

We will try our best to answer as many as possible and each of us on the team will be attacking your questions.

If you want to ask any of us specially a question, you can contact us through our personal twitter accounts.

@Nick_A_How – Boston Celtics

@NickoToGo – Los Angeles Lakers

@Mono85 – Denver Nuggets

@NickaRuss – New York Knicks

Get posting guys!

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