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ESPN To Increase Number of NBA Games Shown on Australian TV

More NBA on Aussie TV? You asked for it and you got it with ESPN Australia/NZ announcing today their decision to increase the amount of games broadcast on Australian televisions including regular season, playoffs and all star weekend. You can find the schedule below and find out more by hitting the link below!



Rudy Gay To Raptors In 3-Team Deal


After months of speculation surrounding a potential trade involving Memphis Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay, the team has finally pulled the trigger on a three team super trade which will see Gay head North to Toronto and join the Raptors. Over the past few months rumors have been spreading like wild fire about the potential for Gay in other franchises, and several clubs had raised their heads and considered themselves potential suitors. But this morning details emerged via Adrian Wojnarowski of Y! Sports of a deal involving the Raptors’ Jose Calderon and Ed Davis being traded to the Grizzlies in exchange for Gay and Hamed Haddadi but later introduced the third team involved in the trade. The Detroit Pistons, who have had very little luck acquiring quality talent recently, offered to send Tayshaun Prince and Austin Day to Memphis, who would route Calderon and Davis back to them thus leaving Memphis with two new players and a generous amount of cap relief. Dallas were thought to have entered into talks as the third team, but in the end were unwilling to trade away small forward Vince Carter. Detroit also clear nearly $25 million worth of cap space in the trade. The deal was signed off by the league at approximately 11.30AM (Aus) this morning.

Raptors GM Bryan Brian Colangelo had this to say about the trade and the acquisition of Rudy Gay:

“This is the type of deal we have been looking for to take our team another step forward. Rudy Gay is a dynamic wing that elevates our talent level significantly. We thank Jose and Ed for their dedication and service to our organization. Both are wonderful young men beyond just talented basketball players”

All players involved in the trade are yet to speak on the matter or report to their new teams, but we’ll keep you updated with any further developments.


Iguodala is not the star to save the Nuggets

Aug 9 2012 – Andre Iguodala traded to Denver Nuggets as part of Howard Mega trade. 

Andre Iguodla

NBA Nation Australia’s Roundtable Feat. Jabari Davis (Lakers Nation/The OpinioNation)

Welcome to another week and another NBA Nation Australia Roundtable! This week we welcome yet another special guest, this time from Los Angeles, California. Jabari Davis is an avid Lakers and NBA fan, co-founder of and regular writer for famed and well-renowned Lakers blog Recently, Jabari was also a guest on fellow Aussie blog/Podcast #BelieveTheHype with Tom Read and Benyam Kidane. We thank you, Jabari for taking the time to answer a few questions and be a part of our Roundtable.

Enjoy folks!

1. With the impending sale of the Sacramento Kings to Seattle where they will likely be renamed the Sonics, what effect do you believe the move will have on both cities and the NBA as a whole? Also, should the league have thought further about whether or not to relocate the Sonics to Oklahoma City in the first place?


Jabari: The sale, in my humble opinion, will signify the renaissance of one city (Seattle) and the unfortunate end of an era in Sacramento. Sacramento, while as small-town as they come, has remained one of the more rabid fan-bases over the past couple decades. Louder than many arenas on a given night, when the Kings were at their finest (C-Webb era) the only current home court environment that would be comparable is that of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Coincidentally, those very Thunder were stolen away from “Emerald City” basketball fans back in 2008. While I completely understood the league’s desire to capitalize on the new found market in OKC given the successful trial period of the Hornets/Pelicans (post-Katrina), I never quite understood the decision to make it at the expense of a very loyal and dedicated Seattle fan base. Barring any last-minute changes, it will be phenomenal to see the game return to the area. I doubt the same thing ever happens in Sacramento.



NBA: Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks


Boston Celtics fans were dealt the blow of bad news despite the jubilation after they beat current NBA Champs Miami Heat 100-98 in a gritty 2OT thriller.

The Celtics announced pre-game they would be without their star Point Guard for the game but no one was too sure as to the extent of the injury. Journalist Doris Burke broke the news at half time that the injury was indeed a tear on his ACL, and now looks certain that Rondo will miss the rest of this season.

Below is the video that suggests that Rondo’s injury could have happened late in the second half in the loss against Atlanta Hawks two days ago.

Us at NBA Nation Australia would like to wish Rajon Rondo a speedy recovery.


Nick How

Color In LeBron’s Headband!

We all know King James has some hairline issues, so why not have a bit of fun with it? Color in your favorite LBJ Headband Position!


NBA Unveils 2013 All Star Uniforms

The NBA has unveiled the Eastern and Western Conference uniforms for the 2013 All Star Game. Thoughts?

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London Hosts The NBA Tomorrow (Knicks V. Pistons)


The NBA returns to the UK as the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons battle it out at London’s O2 Arena! It’s the third regular season game trip the NBA has made to the country and it has always been a raging success. The Knicks are taking the East by storm, while the Pistons are still struggling to find some sort of relevance throughout a rebuilding period, but nonetheless it should go a long way in helping to showcase the game to fans in the UK. It’s a great expansion idea from the NBA’s marketing team who no doubt have high hopes that they can grow the game outside of North America.  Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler will return to the city where just months ago they claimed the gold medal and the 2012 London Olympics, and the Knicks will also welcome guard Iman  Shumpert back into the lineup. With no tickets left, the average asking price for the event online is a whopping 335.23 pounds! That’s about $508 Australian.

The game will be available for all NBA TV League Pass Subscribers live at 7AM Friday morning (AUS)

Now, when’s the NBA coming to Sydney?

Steph Curry Is A Top 5 Point Guard – Guest Piece By Matt Leslie

Our guest piece on Steph Curry a few weeks ago. How ya like us now?

NBA Nation Australia is a family, and that’s why we work continuously to make the family bigger by bringing you fresh perspectives from as many great guests as possible. This time around we have our good friend, Lakers fan, fantasy god and all round basketball enthusiast Matt Leslie here to give us his take on Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry. Thanks for your time Matty!

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Detroit Pistons

Who would have thought that entering the 2013 NBA Season that we would be including the Golden State Warriors as one of the Elite teams in the Western conference? I did. You might be sitting at home and wondering how I ever could have come up with such an assumption and the answer is simple. Stephen Curry.


“Textbook Defense Indeed” – Dirk Gets Stonewalled by NBA Security Guard


Some teams could probably use a few tips from this NBA security guard who was determined to not allow Dirk Nowitzki any closer to the screens where officials were reviewing a call in a game between the Mavs and the Kings. The big German clearly wanted to take a look and give his two bobs, but thanks to some solid defense from Sleep Train Arena staff, he had buckley’s chance.