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5 teams who will tank this season.

NBA Draft Lottery. Who will get this years #1 pick?

NBA Draft Lottery. Who will get this years #1 pick?

Every year some of college basketballs best recruits make their way from the college system into the professional ranks of the NBA.  This season wont be any different. While for these young men being drafted by one of 32 NBA teams it is an honour, for the team picking in the top of the draft is often a result of a very poor season. The current NBA draft selection process rewards teams with the #1 pick to assist in rebuilding. So which teams will chase the #1 pick in the 2013 draft?


2013 Phoenix Suns?

2013 Phoenix Suns?

The Suns spent most of the last decade enjoying playoff success. After trading away the pillar of their franchise this offseason its time to rebuild. A #1 pick whoever it is a great way to rebuild, providing a central piece to craft a team around.

2. Orlando 
What has Dwights departure done to the Magic?

What has Dwights departure done to the Magic?

Orlando after dealing Dwight in the offseason are still swimming in debt thanks to Gilbert Arenas. This season has been a surprising success considering the new coach and multiple new pieces. A high draft pick allows the organisation to reset and move on from Howard – also gives them a chance to move up in the West.
 3. Toronto
The result of the Raptors last #1 draft pick.

The result of the Raptors last #1 draft pick.

Once upon a time Toronto held the number 1 pick in the NBA draft. It turned out to be one of the weakest drafts ever – picking up Bargnani. Recently adding Jonas Valanciunas the Raptors are very slowly filling out their roster. Unfortunately like some of the other teams on this list the scouts are not getting results fast enough. Tanking this season will provide another chance for the Raptors to get THE pick which changes the fortunes of this franchise.
4. Charlotte
Who joins this group of very best friends?

Who joins this group of very best friends?

Charlotte were robbed of the #1 draft pick last season as the Hornets were awarded  the pick in the draft lottery. As the Bobcats continue to rebuild they need to provide a bigger body for Kidd-Gilchrist and Walker to utilise for pick and rolls plus rebounding. A strong body inside is just what the Bobcats need.
5. Dallas
Those were the days..

Those were the days..

The era of Dirk is coming to an end. His body is breaking down. No better time to draft the future star of your franchise then when your current star is currently playing. Dirk and Mayo can protect and guide their new draft picks on the court while integrating them into the Maverick culture off court. Take time to rebuild now and minimise time between championships.
So now we have had our say, who can benefit from a favourable draft pick ?
Let us know below or on twitter @NbanationOZ.

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