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Harden, Lee, Chandler – NBA MVP ?

With the the season in full swing we have already seen some amazing performance’s from the NBA’s best.
Melo, Kobe, James, Paul, Rondo and Durant have all played out of their minds this season. We at NBA Nation Australia have taken a look over the league and wanted to suggest 3 candidates from each conference for MVP.


James Harden - Houston Rockets MVP ?

James Harden – Houston Rockets MVP ?

1- James Harden

30 games into an experiment that both Houston and Harden didnt think would be happening this year. Harden stepped up as the Rockets leader from day one scoring 37 and 45 points in his first 2 games in a Houston uniform. His leadership has helped drive the Rockets into a strong position in the West – a scenario unimaginable by most earlier this year.
Kevin Durant - Oklahoma City MVP?

Kevin Durant – Oklahoma City MVP?

2- Kevin Durant 
KD is setting career highs across the board, impressive for such a young talent. 51% FG, 42% 3pt, and 90% from FT – he is without question the NBA’s most effective offensive weapon in the league. I’m picking Durant first in any league around the world, professional or backyard. Durant even making this list is impressive as he battles for the ball with Westbrook. 
David Lee - Golden State Warriors MVP?

David Lee – Golden State Warriors MVP?

3- David Lee
The only player averaging 10+ rebounds and 20 points per game in the league. With Bogut sidelined Lee has again stepped up, given how well the Warriors are performing this season (21-10). Lee has been able to control the paint and lock down his opponents making it a little easier for Golden State to account for other players on the court. His contributions to the teams success makes him a candidate for MVP. 

Kyrie Irving - Cleveland MVP ?

Kyrie Irving – Cleveland MVP ?

1- Kyrie Irving
After a amazing rookies season where he picked up Rookie of the Year – Kyrie has improved almost every aspect of his game this year. This season every game he is getting 5 assists and 22 points per game. These numbers provide a strong base for the Cav’s each game. Like Lee he provides reliable production every night, makes everything easier – coaching, plays, training. While he might not win – deserves to be mentioned.

Monta Ellis - Milwaukee Bucks MVP ?

Monta Ellis – Milwaukee Bucks MVP?

2- Monta Ellis
Monta is steering the Bucks in the right direction now – with Jennings it was always scatter gun. Monta is a stable, cool head and has taken the Bucks younger members under his wing.  On the court you will find him controlling the tempo of the team – playing the most minutes of his career- while getting into the paint and shooting 80% FT. Monta is on this list due to his efforts shaping this team. 

Tyson Chandler - New York Knicks MVP ?

Tyson Chandler – New York Knicks MVP ?

3- Tyson Chandler
The reigning defensive player of the year has again had to step up. Without his partner in crime – Amare – the key has been his to roam. The Knicks have found that even with Amare out, they have been able to rely on Chandler in any situation. Shooting 68%FG and averaging 12 points per game is a bonus, its his impact under the defensive basket which is winning games. On average he is pulling down 10 rebounds a game (mainly on the defensive end), when he isnt rebounding he is boxing out opposing centres and forwards. A dark horse for MVP this year.
We have had our say – what do you think? Did we get it right or wrong? Leave your thoughts below or hit us up on twitter

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