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Iguodala is not the star to save the Nuggets

Aug 9 2012 – Andre Iguodala traded to Denver Nuggets as part of Howard Mega trade. 

Andre Iguodla
The Nuggets lucked out thanks to their involvement in the Dwight Howard mega trade – ending up with an All Star whilst not giving up much at all. Unfortunately that promise is yet to be fulfilled. Iguodala was traded to Denver allowing the 76ers a chance to reload by picking up Bynum – both moves are yet to really get off the ground. 
  The Nuggets hoped they had a steal. A mature, well established guard – former All Star/Olympian –  who would provide a bridge between the Melodrama days and a championship push. At the half way point of the season Iguodala is yet to find his groove on or off the court. Primarily picked up for his on court leadership this role has been assumed by young North Carolina guard Ty Lawson. The young Nugget is finally flourishing under Karl’s guidance, reports from off the court have suggested that Iguodala has not taken a great interest in mentoring Lawson on or off the court, disappointing for the Nuggets franchise. In terms of production Iguodala continues to decline – down from an average of 19 points per game in 08 to just 12 points per game this season. Whilst not the primary scorer on the Nuggets team if he isnt handling the ball or scoring he is wasting a spot on the court. Combine this with 2.5 turnovers per game (a career high), it looks like it might be time to end the Iguodala experiment in Denver. 
We want to hear from you – do the Nuggets need to trade Iggy? Should they dump him? Rotate him in with a younger point guard? 
Hit us up on twitter - @NBANationOz – let us know what you think.

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