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Steph Curry vs. Carmelo Anthony Tonight

Steph Curry vs. Carmelo Anthony Tonight

Steph Curry vs. Carmelo Anthony Tonight in the Garden.

Not often we see Carmelo outduelled by a younger stud. A coming of age game for young Steph.

VIDEO: Monta Ellis crazy game winner

F/T Milwaukee 110 – Houston 107

Original Post 16/1/13: Steph Curry Is a Top 5 Point Guard

Our guest piece on Steph Curry a few weeks ago. How ya like us now?

Originally published 16th January 2013

NBA Nation Australia is a family, and that’s why we work continuously to make the family bigger by bringing you fresh perspectives from as many great guests as possible. This time around we have our good friend, Lakers fan, fantasy god and all round basketball enthusiast Matt Leslie here to give us his take on Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry. Thanks for your time Matty!

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Detroit Pistons


NBA Suspends Pacers & Warriors for brawl.

The NBA has today suspended both Warriors Centre David Lee & Pacers Centre Roy Hibbert for their roles in yesterdays brawl which spilt into the lower section of the arena.

Both players will serve 1 game bans. An interesting reaction from the NBA, most were expecting more due to the brawl finding its way into the crowd (as you can see towards the end of the video).

It’ll be very interesting to see what happens when these teams meet again.

Malice In The….. Fieldhouse? Indiana and Golden State Get Stuck In.

Fights are not often seen in the NBA anymore, but this one between the Indiana Pacers and Golden State Warriors is definitely the most confronting of season 2012/13.

Bring back the biff.

Irving out vs Bulls today – Rose still absent for Bulls

Cleveland guard Kyrie Irving will miss tonight’s game vs. in Chicago with a hyper extended right knee. (more…)

VIDEO: Derrick Rose dunking – how long before his return?

Derrick Rose warming up by throwing down a dunk before tonights Bulls @ Thunder game. How long before we see him back ?

Bogut out ‘Indefinitley’ – Coach Jackson

Andrew Bogut (more…)

Tweet of The Week: Kobe Responds To Cuban

This week’s tweet of the week comes from new Twitter convert Kobe Bryant, and it’s a doozie. After Mavs owner Mark Cuban suggested earlier this week that the Lakers, if they truly wanted to accommodate Dwight Howard, could potentially amnesty Kobe Bryant to make their future franchise centerpiece happy and save some serious money. Not only is it unrealistic, a move like this would be a PR nightmare for the Lakers, as Kobe has become a symbol for the City of LA throughout his career and fan backlash would be outrageous. This isn’t to say Cuban’s comments are out of line. He mentioned amnestying Dirk in the same sentence, but it’s still not something Laker fans like to hear, and with good reason. He just dumped 38 points 12 rebounds and 7 assists on the Mavs in the Lakers emphatic win earlier today. He’s still got it, and decided to let Mark know exactly how he felt. Not only did Kobe speak with his game, he also gets our Tweet of The Week for his very public response:


Cuban took it like a champ though….


As you were.

Nick C.

The trade that wasn’t.

So the trade deadline pretty much passed without fuss.

There wasn’t the last minute superstar deal to send Twitter and the Net into a frenzy, which would have been great for us!

But reports have emerged over the last couple of days that a superstar trade ALMOST happened and if it wasn’t for some last minute nerves, well, we would have had that online frenzy and Twitter would have most likely exploded.’s Chad Ford has reported that the Atlanta Hawks were only moments away from sending All Star Power Forward Josh Smith to the Milwaukee Bucks on deadline day. In return for J-Smoove, the Bucks would have sent the expiring contracts of Luc Mbah a Moute, Ekpe Udoh and Beno Urdih, plus a protected future first round draft pick to Atlanta.