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Are the Lakers preparing to sign LeBron James?

Lebron James - a Laker?
Lebron James – a Laker?


As the 2012-13 NBA season unravels before LakerNation, many are asking what next? They currently have 2 of the best guards of all time on their roster along with one of the most over powering centre’s of the last decade so how to clean up this mess. Laker management may have been working on a very cunning plan all along. Each player on the Lakers contract expires either at the end of the 2012-13 or 2013-2014 season – except Nash who is signed till 2014-15 season. 
Player Contract Terms End Year Free Agent
Earl Clark at Power Forward 2 yr/$2,400,000 2012 2013
Devin Ebanks at Small Forward 1 yr/$1,054,389 2012 2013
Dwight Howard at Center 5 yr/$83,235,900 2012 2013
Antawn Jamison at Small Forward 1 yr/$1,352,181 2012 2013
Jodie Meeks at Point Guard 1 yr/$1,500,000 2012 2014
Darius Morris at Point Guard 1 yr/$962,195 2012 2013
Robert Sacre at Center 1 yr/$473,604 2012 2013
Steve Blake at Point Guard 4 yr/$16,000,000 2013 2014
Chris Duhon at Shooting Guard 4 yr/$15,000,000 2013 2014
Kobe Bryant at Shooting Guard 3 yr/$83,547,447 2013 2014
Pau Gasol at Center 3 yr/$57,000,000 2013 2014
Jordan Hill at Small Forward 2 yr/$7,127,200 2013 2014
Metta World Peace at Power Forward 5 yr/$33,953,200 2013 2014
Mike D’Antoni at Coach 3 yr/$12,000,000 2014 -
Steve Nash at Point Guard 3 yr/$27,901,500 2014 2015

The Summer of 2014-15 is important for both the Lakers & Miami Heat. The Lakers will need to have rebuilt their squad while Miami face their first challenge to keep James in red & black. 2014 see’s the early termination option kick in for James, while the summer of 2015 see’s his player option kick in. This will give Los Angeles and every other NBA team, the chance to lure James away from South Beach. 


Do the Lakers have a chance to sign Lebron in a post Kobe landscape? Would Lebron leave Miami ? 



Let us know either below or his us up on twitter @nbanationoz

One Comment on “Are the Lakers preparing to sign LeBron James?”

  1. joshua March 21, 2013 at 2:16 pm #

    lebron in purple. i can only hope he leaves south beach for the lake show


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