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KD vs LBJ, Seattle Sonics, Trade Deadline: Possible Second Half Storylines

This week marks the kick off point for the second half of the season – post All Star break. We take a look ahead at what could possibly be some of the most interesting talking points before the play-offs.

 James vs Durant


Lebron or KD?

Lebron or KD?


James entered the All Star break on a tear! There wasn’t a hotter player in the NBA, no matter what KD could do he was stuck in Lebron’s shadow in the lead up. The second half of the season will be Durant’s chance to steal the MVP from the hands of Lebron. It’s going to be tough because James is in career best form and physically he looks like he could do anything right now. Only time will tell,  sit back and enjoy the battle.
Lakers: Playoff’s or Bust.
lakers miss
This season has been a disaster for the Lakers. They have shown just how dramatic altering rosters and changing coaches can be.  As of 20/2/13 the Lakers are 25-29 and 10th in the West, currently 4 games back of Houston. Their problems are plenty but they have the personnel to scrape into the playoffs. The recent death of owner Dr Jerry Buss may prove to the inspiration and spark this franchise needs. 
Trade Deadline
josh smith
Every year the trade deadline comes and goes without much action, this year looks like it could be the same. Many GM’s are wary of the new changes to the luxury tax rules which ramp up next season. Committing to a player like Josh Smith or Brandon Jennings’s isn’t worth the financial hardship at this point for many teams. Will this year be any different? Can you see a player being traded before the deadline? 
Sacramento Kings / Seattle Super Sonics
sonics logo
The Kings new ownership group have ties to Seattle, with a lot of chatter suggesting a move back to Seattle the city of Sacramento continue to fight for their team. One of the last remaining stains on Stern’s legacy is the way he handled the move of Seattle to Oklahoma City. Returning a team to Seattle could be his last great act as commissioner. 
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