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NBA Nation Australia All Star Sunday (w Pictures) @ Prahran Hotel

Is there a better way to spend a day of the All Star weekend with some of the most insane hoop heads? Not for us.
This past weekend we were joined by you guys, our readers, at the Prahran Hotel for All Star Saturday night. 


2012-13 Dunk Comp Champion - Terrence Ross

2012-13 Dunk Comp Champion – Terrence Ross

The Prahran Hotel were kind enough to host us in the newly refurbished front bar, filling us with beers and hotdogs – couldnt have been a better setting for a hot, Melbourne day. As the 3 point shooters hit shot after the front bar filled up with fans turning up in their jerseys and the atmosphere began to get a little rowdy. We had Iverson’s, Anthony’s and even a Metta World Peace turn up.  The dunk contest was the highlight of the day – Faried launching off the free throw line sent the first big cheer through the bar as each dunk got bigger  and bigger before reaching the final. Jeremey Evans had the crowd hushed as he brought out his easel, I think most of us weren’t sure what he was even doing. It all made a little more sense post  dunk when he revealed it to be a painting of himself. Ross’ tribute to Vince Carter was the best dunk of the night, most in the bar agreed, one punter even offering a beer for anyone who could replicate it. Overall a average dunk competition but it was great to meet our readers, have a few beers and swap our favourite ball memories.

Few pictures of the day – kindly provided by Ray Tsai (Facebook)
photo 2 photo 1 image_2 image

We hope to do this again soon with all of you back at the Prahran Hotel.

Prahran Hotel
Phone: 02 9529 2168
As always you can find us on twitter @Nbanationoz

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