ESPN To Increase Number of NBA Games Shown on Australian TV

More NBA on Aussie TV? You asked for it and you got it with ESPN Australia/NZ announcing today their decision to increase the amount of games broadcast on Australian televisions including regular season, playoffs and all star weekend. You can find the schedule below and find out more by hitting the link below!


Upcoming games:

Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat                        2nd Feb 11:00am

LA Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves            2nd Feb 1:30pm

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. San Antonio Spurs 7th Feb 1:00pm

Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Clippers              9th Feb 12:00pm

Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz                           9th Feb 2:30pm

Boston Celtics vs. Chicago Bulls                    14th Feb 11:30am

NBA All-Star Game                                     18th Feb 12:30pm

Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat                        21st Feb 12:00pm 

OKC Thunder vs. Minnesota Timberwolves       23rd Feb 12:00pm   

San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors  23rd Feb 2:30pm

Golden State Warriors vs New York Knicks     28th Feb 12:00pm

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Miami Heat                  2nd March 12:00pm

Denver Nuggets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder     2nd March 2:30pm

San Antonio Spurs vs. Chicago Bulls              7th March 1:00pm

Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics                   9th March 12:00pm

Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors    9th March 2:30pm

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Utah Jazz             14th March 11:00am

New York Knicks vs. Denver Nuggets              14th March 1:30pm

Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors         16th March 1:30pm

New York Knicks vs. Utah Jazz                      19th March 1:30pm 

Dallas Mavericks vs. Brooklyn Nets                 21st March 11:00am

LA Lakers vs. Washington Wizards                 23rd March 1:30pm

Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat                         28th March 11:00am

Brooklyn Nets vs. Portland Trail Blazers          28th March 1:30pm

Brooklyn Nets vs Denver Nuggets                   30th March 11:00am

New York Knicks vs. Atlanta Hawks                4th April 10:00am

OKC Thunder vs. Indiana Pacers                     6th April 11:00am

Memphis Grizzlies vs. LA Lakers                    6th April 1:30pm

Brooklyn Nets vs. Boston Celtics                   11th April 10:00am

San Antonio Spurs vs. Denver Nuggets           11th April 12:30pm

Golden State Warriors vs. LA Lakers              13th April 12:30pm

Utah Jazz vs. Memphis Grizzlies                    18th April 10:00am

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