Stephen A Smith: Me & Kobe – An Interview With The Black Mamba

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In an interview this morning with ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith, the Black Mamba Kobe Bryant sat down to discuss what is happening with the underachieving, struggling Los Angeles Lakers. This interview is a great insight into how the players, coaching staff and organisation are viewing the current situation and Bryant, as their leader gives an interview in which he truly demonstrates not only what a phenomenal player and leader he is, but also how important a figure he is within the World of basketball. Kobe touches on everything from injuries, to chemistry, to coaching, to public perception and says it all with a complete confidence that some day, thing will turn around for him and his Lakers. The interview is approximately 20 minutes long, and broken into 3 parts. Take the time, and watch as the most important voice in Laker land sheds light on the burning question every NBA fan is asking. What is wrong with the L.A. Lakers?


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