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NBA Issue Swift and Severe Punishment For Disgraced Sterling

The NBA has stamped its foot on the throat of disgraced LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, as a result of racist remarks made by the 80-year old earlier in the week.

Caught on tape, Sterling was heard commenting on a situation in which his girlfriend had published photos of herself on Instagram with Lakers legend Magic Johnson. He expressed his distaste at her associating with African Americans, and implored her to not bring them to his games. The situation has snowballed, and become a world-wide headline, and another example of the racism that still exists today.

The NBA conducted an investigation into the tape, originally leaked by TMZ, and has responded swiftly, in an attempt to protect its players and fans from the backlash of racial controversy. Hundreds of former and current players have also spoken out about their feelings surrounding the situation, with Magic Johnson leading the charge.

This morning Commissioner Adam Silver, along with his associates, members of the NBPA and many players stood in front of the world, and made an example of this despicable man. Commissioner Silver banned him for life, from any association with the NBA, the Clippers or anything involved with basketball operations. He also banned him from practices, media ceremonies, and even games, effective immediately. The Commissioner also issued Sterling a $2.5 million fine, and expressed that the NBA and its owners will force him to sell the team.

In what could be described as his finest moment so far in his young career as Commissioner, Adam Silver defined himself as one for the people, and for equality not just in the NBA, but for the world. The NBA is the greatest sporting league on Earth, but today wasn’t about that. It was about making a statement, that we as human beings will not tolerate the archaic, misguided views of a select few who cannot accept the world as it is today.

Racism will still exist, and there is a long way to go before we can say it’s gone for good, but this league’s handling of the situation is a fine example of how we as human beings must approach these subjects. Open mindedness, coupled with our never-ending resolve to make right the wrongs of the world, and we will eventually prevail.

The world today is a better place for not having this man in a position to have an influence on it, and hopefully it sends a message loud and clear to the rest of the world that we are, indeed, one.

You can read the letter from Commissioner Silver to the fans below.



NBA To Hold Press Conference Wednesday Morning (AEST)

In the wake of one of the most bitter racism rows to envelop the NBA in recent memory, Commissioner Adam Silver will tomorrow hold a press conference at Los Angeles City Hall to advise on what the next phase of the investigation, and the impending punishment of disgraced Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.

Following days of world-wide conjecture as a result of Sterling’s alleged comments to girlfriend V.Stiviano, the league has scheduled tomorrow as the day they will comment further on this very delicate issue, and will hopefully be a big step towards a resolution.

The Internet has been rife with rumors surrounding the subject, with many reporting that Lakers legend Magic Johnson is interested in purchasing the team (a theory that has since been denied by Johnson himself). Additionally, it has been said that others have called for Clippers players to be awarded the right to explore free agency come summer. Of course, this is all purely speculation at this point, and until the league makes clear their intentions of what to do with Donald Sterling, no one can be sure of the next phase.

The outcry from players, officials, media and the fans has been immense, so quick action by the league is an absolute must in minimizing the risk of more unwanted media attention. Commissioner Silver, NBPA associate Kevin Johnson, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and several NBA players will be present at tomorrow’s presser, which will be held approximately 4am AEST.

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Adam Silver’s Signature Already on Official Game Balls

His reign may not end until February 1st 2014, but NBA Commissioner David Stern’s signature has already been replaced on the league’s official game ball. Incoming commish to be Adam Silver has had his John Hancock pressed on the leather Spalding, with the first of it’s kind to be used during this afternoon’s game between the Lakers and the Suns.

Photo Credit: BleacherReport.com/Tim Bontemps

Photo Credit: BleacherReport.com/Tim Bontemps

Photo Credit: Twitter @mcten

Photo Credit: Twitter @mcten

David Stern Announces Retirement; Will Step Aside February 2014

As announced this morning, long serving NBA Commissioner David Stern has advised the media he will step down from the position he has resided over since 1984. He is to be succeeded by his VP Adam Silver.

Since taking charge 28 years ago, Stern, the NBA’s 4th commissioner, has overseen the drafting and retiring of some of the greatest players the game has ever known, dealt with numerous controversies and scandals and dealt with a number of lengthy and painful lockouts but will always be known as one who set the bar very high.

Stern had this to say:

“For the most part it’s been a series of extraordinary experiences and enormous putting together of pieces of a puzzle and it goes on forever, and there will always be another piece of the puzzle and so the question is at what point do you decide that, let someone else do it? That’s the point that I’m at now.”

Leadership will carry over from February 1,2014 which gives the Commissioner 15 months to fully prepare himself, the league and his successor for the transition.

We wish Mr. Stern all the best and thank him for his lifelong contribution to the game we all love so much.

Nick C.