I’m sorry…. but what the f**k is going on here?

Andrew Bynum. All Star center for the Philadelphia 76ers. Currently injured. Evidently the victim of a serious crack binge. Now, I’m all for an extravagant haircut or the odd crazy tattoo, but there’s only one man in this world who has the right to look like James Brown. James Brown. Maybe it’s the copious amounts on time on the sidelines, or the simple life out in ol’ Phily. Whatever it is, someone needs to man up and tell big Drew that this looks utterly ridiculous. You wanna make friends when you play for a new team, not scare the shit out of them. Maybe we’re witnessing the first step towards Bynum being one of those estranged NBA players that fades into obscurity after doing something outlandish. Hopefully not, but evidently there’s something going on in the world of Andrew Bynum that none of use are privy to. We’re just reaping the hilarious rewards of a really silly haircut.

As you were.
Nick C.