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2012-13 NBA Punters Preview – Team Totals, MVP’s and Rookies.

2012-13 NBA Punters Preview – Team Totals, MVP’s and Rookies.

As we fast approach a new season we want to pass on some words of wisdom to you.
We all love a bet, a cheeky punt from time to time and what better time then the start of the  NBA season. We think we have found a few options for you this season.



Another strange day for results in the NBA today, HD_Paul being the only person to tip a loss for OKC. Well picked Paul.

Results for the week so far are:

HD_Paul – 11

Wayne_Bird – 10

AfterTheKick – 9

MillwallChris – 9

Mono85 – 8

Nick_A_How – 8

NickoToGo – 8

JaySMD – 7

BezerkerMPS – 7

BiddleBits – 7

TomEdwardFoster – 7

UppyK – 5

AndTheFoulNet – 3

HappyChappy0987 – 3

CliffBingham – 2

For The Punters – Wednesday

Today feels like the Bookies have left some bait on the line or missed the boat because there are some good numbers on the board. Let’s play

Orlando @ New York: Orlando -2 ($1 = 1.91)
This will be a comfortable win for the magic. Knicks are without Stoudemire and Lin while Melo will be playing at 80%  with a strained groin. The Knicks play their home court well but the Magic will be too much too handle.

Multi: Minnesota ($1 = 1.41) + San Antonio ($1 = 1.62) total = 2.28
Minnesota should crush a pathetic Charlotte team, expect the Spurs to have a little more trouble containing a young Kings team but they will be too good.

Good luck to all the punters




All odds courtesy of Sportingbet.com.au