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Charlotte Bobcats Fire Mike Dunlap Following 21-61 Season


In the wake of their disastrous 2012/13 season, the lowly Charlotte Bobcats have fired head coach Mike Dunlap after he took the team to a 21-61 overall record, second only to the Orlando Magic for the NBA’s worst. It was just another pitfall in the long line of seasons in which the Bobcats have been largely known as the NBA’s biggest joke. The Michael Jordan owned franchise cannot seem to get it right now matter how they draft, who their coaching staff is or their leadership group. One need only look to a season ago when coach Paul Silas was ousted after similar results. It really is one of the more disappointing stories in the history of the league and this is just another example of why things simply have to turn around. Whether you are a Bobcats fan or not, you have to feel for the ailing club the further down the spiral they go and wonder, will they ever be a team of importance, or are they just destined to remain bottom feeders, and the laughing stock of the NBA? The search will resume for the Bobcats new coach, and hopefully the person who can lead them out of the darkness and back into the light. Grim. I know.

Dunlap 21-61 2012-13
Paul Silas 32-88 12/2010-4/2012
Larry Brown 88-104 2008-12/2010
Sam Vincent 32-50 2007-08
Bernie Bickerstaff 33-49 2006-07*

Above: Charlotte Bobcats head coaching records (Per ESPN)

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