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What’s Up in Brooklyn?

An easier question would probably be what’s right in Brooklyn? Anyone…? Anything…? Just as I thought. Thus far it seems the best thing to happen to Brooklyn was the fact that Beyoncé and Jay Z turned up to a few games. Other than that the good times have been limited. There has been some comedic […]

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Kobe Bryant Posterizes Nets’ Wallace and Humphries (Video)

Kobe Bryant. 34 years old, and edging ever closer to his last hurrah. Or is he? The Lakers went into Brooklyn Wednesday (Aus) and fought off a third quarter onslaught by the nets to close the game on a 10-0 run and pull off a big 92-83 win at Barclay’s. There were many highlights from […]

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The NBA is a worldwide billion-dollar machine. Plain and simple.   You can argue that team owners have been losing money faster than they ever have resulting in teams being sold, moved and bailed out by the NBA and it would be true, but that doesn’t change the fact that the NBA brings in billions […]

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