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Stop with the Comparisons!

Jordan, Kobe, Lebron. Lebron, Jordan, Kobe. Kobe, Lebron, Jordan. When will it stop? Why does there need to be such a constant comparison between the three? They are three of the best to ever grace the game. Each has brought something different to the court. You could even say that each has revolutionised how the great game of hoops is played. But do we really need to say who is the best? Personally, I’m over it. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to put the whole comparing thing to bed. Finish it once and for all so that we never need to hear about how so and so is the best.

The whole conversation reminds me of my childhood. You’d have your mates over for a party. Mum would make fairy bread. You’d drink so much soft drink you’d be physically ill. Lollies would be found in the dirt but you’d still force them down but as the day turned to night the conversation amongst the friends would become heated. As adults you never talk about sex, religion or politics at the dinner table. The equivalent for children was to decide who had the best dad. “My dad is better than your dad because he made me a sweet cubby house”. “Pfffft! My dad is better than your dad because he built our house”. “Whatever! My dad is better than your dad because he built Sydney. All of it!”. “Well my dad wrestled an elephant!” “My dad punched out Chuck Norris!” and so on and so forth. It was a discussion that could never be won no matter what anybody would say because you already had your mind set on your dad being the best and were determined to one up everyone else even if it meant stretching the truth. Jordan Vs Kobe Vs Lebron is exactly the same. Consider them your basketball fathers. Everyone has a favourite and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says your mind will never change. If anyone badmouths your basketball dad you come out swinging with stats and stories and whatever else you can think of and ignore what anybody else has to say.

All great players. But they cannot be compared. Each plays a different brand of ball. Lebron has size and muscle that the other two don’t, meaning Lebron can rely on his physical strength to get to the rack or back down a defender. Jordan would make every player around him better. Look at what he did for Scottie. Jordan made his weaknesses strengths. Critics said he couldn’t shoot. So he proved them wrong. Critics said he couldn’t play D but MJ worked as hard, if not harder at the defensive end of the floor. Kobe has his self belief as a massive strength. Kobe believes he can win in all situations.

But Lebron had to move to Miami to win his championships. Kobe couldn’t do it without Shaq. MJ couldn’t beat the Bad Boy Pistons. Kobe and Jordan stuck with the one team. Kobe only has one MVP. Lebron only gets awards because Stern loves him. Jordan can’t win without Pippen… Sound familiar?? I’m sure it does. It’s because of conversations like these that there will never be a consensus. Because there cannot be a consensus there’s no point to the conversation. It’ll just be a never ending circle of one upmanship of why your basketball dad is better than someone else’s basketball dad.

Nathan Darby 


Adam Silver’s Signature Already on Official Game Balls

His reign may not end until February 1st 2014, but NBA Commissioner David Stern’s signature has already been replaced on the league’s official game ball. Incoming commish to be Adam Silver has had his John Hancock pressed on the leather Spalding, with the first of it’s kind to be used during this afternoon’s game between the Lakers and the Suns.

Photo Credit: BleacherReport.com/Tim Bontemps

Photo Credit: BleacherReport.com/Tim Bontemps

Photo Credit: Twitter @mcten

Photo Credit: Twitter @mcten

Top 10 Worst Draft Night Suits




With the 2013 Draft night fast approaching, and Hoop heads discussing at length mock drafts etc, I decided it was only right to give to you a Draft piece a little different. 

Draft nights are a great occasion. Young talent finding themselves with contracts playing for franchises that only a few years before would have been just a dream. 

One thing that does stand out like a sore thumb at Draft nights is….. the suits that players choose to wear. I’ve always been intrigued who is helping the players select these? It surely couldn’t be a stylist? Maybe the young guys mums?

Either way, over the years we have been blessed to have been given some absolute fashion shockers and I am going to give you my personal Top 10.

Up first at Number 10….

10. Drew Gooden (2002, 4th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies)




2013 DRAFT WATCH – Part 4

That time is getting closer, rumours are circling about which players may be working out with what teams, and suggestions of teams working towards certain options come Draft night have fans and bloggers invested with great interest.

Last weeks Draft Watch saw us take a close look at 3 players that will more than likely be picked first round. So, this week I’ll be taking a look at players that may fall that little deeper into the Draft.

Without further ado..


DeShaun Thomas – Small Forward/Power Forward





This experienced Forward currently plays his ball at Ohio State and has had a very solid year.  Thomas is the only Buckeye to have declared eligibility for this years Draft, and despite a very good year it is currently projected that he may be picked late into the second round. Thomas definitely possesses attributes that will have perked up the interest of various scouts and GM’s around the league, and am confident he can make his way into the League given the right team. Thomas have a great natural ability for scoring and did so well this year, averaging 19 points a game for the Buckeyes. Also, Thomas is a very solid 3pt shooter, who this year finished up averaging 34% from behind the arc. 


2013 DRAFT WATCH – Part 3

With the NBA Draft Lottery today, we saw it fit to give you, our readers another dose of our Draft Watch.

Earlier on this season, I began taking a look at potential talents that had team scouts and fans hot with frenzy.

Here we look at our next group of potential stars..

Nerlens Noel – Power Forward/Center



This powerful, tall, shot blocker currently plays his ball out of the University of Kentucky, so it would be safe to say he is coming from good stock. Currently being touted as one of the best shot blockers to come along in years and is known for having a fantastic work ethic. Whispers are suggesting that he is just as good as last years Draft Number One – Anthony Davis, so we should be in for a real treat. Not only does he possess great length (7′ 4″ wingspan) but his body is NBA ready. Noel is also known to have great steals ability for such a big man. This exciting prospect is currently predicted to go at Number 2, which would see him fall to the Orlando Magic.


Flagrant! Flagrant! Flagrant! – The NBA’s Moments Of Mayhem

We all love the game of basketball and everything that comes with it…

Players play hard night after night, but occasionally some get lost in the moment and….. BLAMMM!!

Emotions fly high, tempers ablaze, there’s a lot at stake and players will do whatever they can to get the job done.

Here we compile some of the hardest, grittiest, and downright ugly moments of the NBA.

Kevin McHale Decapitates Kurt Rambis

Game 4 of the 1984 NBA Finals and the Lakers are leading the Boston Celtics 2-1. It’s the 3rd Quarter and the Lakers are up 76-70 when Abdul-Jabbar pulls down a rebound, launches a quick pass up court to James Worthy, who lays off to Kurt Rambis who charges through for what should be a standard lay-up. Until… Kevin McHale rips through and completely clotheslines Rambis to the floor and causes all sorts of mayhem on court. It was the moment that really heated up that series and the violent physicality took off from that point. Some say it was an effective turning point for the Celtics as they went on to win that Game 4 129-125, and then took the next to games to win the 1984 Championship 4-2.


David Stern Announces Retirement; Will Step Aside February 2014

As announced this morning, long serving NBA Commissioner David Stern has advised the media he will step down from the position he has resided over since 1984. He is to be succeeded by his VP Adam Silver.

Since taking charge 28 years ago, Stern, the NBA’s 4th commissioner, has overseen the drafting and retiring of some of the greatest players the game has ever known, dealt with numerous controversies and scandals and dealt with a number of lengthy and painful lockouts but will always be known as one who set the bar very high.

Stern had this to say:

“For the most part it’s been a series of extraordinary experiences and enormous putting together of pieces of a puzzle and it goes on forever, and there will always be another piece of the puzzle and so the question is at what point do you decide that, let someone else do it? That’s the point that I’m at now.”

Leadership will carry over from February 1,2014 which gives the Commissioner 15 months to fully prepare himself, the league and his successor for the transition.

We wish Mr. Stern all the best and thank him for his lifelong contribution to the game we all love so much.

Nick C.


As most fans would agree, the 2011-12 NBA season has seen an increase in the amount of players taking a ‘flop’.

Is this testing your patience and are you growing increasingly tired of seeing this getting looked past within the game?


2012 Draft Watch – Round 3

Welcome to another edition of our weekly 2012 NBA Draft watch.

As the draft nears the anticipation is bubbling in what is looking to be one of the best draft classes in years.

We have covered 3 future prospects each week, and here are our 3 for this week.

First up –

Jared Sullinger – Power Forward

This physical PF currently playing ball out of Ohio State has been heaping praise for sometime, Bill Simmon’s of the B.S Report discussed him this week in conversation with Steve Kerr and is quite the fan. Sullinger is expected to be picked within the top 10. (more…)