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What were they Thinking?

NBA stars are a multi talented bunch. Many have branched into other forms of entertainment (TV, Movies, Rap). Others have had a dig at fashion and starting their own brand. Some have become heroes of the humanitarian world. And some have even had a crack at different sports. Right here and now we are going to look at the best and worst of the NBA Slashies (that’s an actor/NBA star and not the other way around).

Let’s start with the biggest slashie of them all. Big Shaq Diesel. I’m not sure there is a career he hasn’t tried his luck at. Shaq has been panned for his acting and movies he has starred in. In Kazaam Shaq was a 7ft genie. This classic was rated 1.5 stars on IMBD. Blue Chips saw Shaq star with Nick Nolte as a college basketball recruit who was being paid under the table. O’neal has had small roles in the Scary Movie franchise, Grown Ups 2 and the worst movie I have ever seen Freddie Got Fingered (every terrible movie that I watch is compared to this howler). None of Shaq’s movies have a rating of over 50% so Shaq might need to try something else. Other hoops heroes to star in movies have been Kevin Durant in Thunderstruck (terrible). A plethora of ballers in Eddie which starred Whoopi Goldberg (mediocre) and Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth in He Got Game (amazing).

For every NBA star or basketballer who has released a rap album you can blame Shaq. As a rapper the Big Diesel has released five albums, with his debut album ‘Shaq Diesel’ unbelieveably earning platinum record status. For me there is only one highlight in Shaq’s rap career and that is his song Shoot Pass Slam. This is the influenza of raps… It’s catchy. Watch it below.

Shaq also had a crack at a professional wrestling career.  At one stage he was a special guest general manager for the RAW show and has often been touted as a future opponent for the Adonis that is The Big Show. Shaq also trains in MMA and even appeared on the UFC Undisputed video game as an unlockable character. He has fought ‘The Golden Boy’ Oscar De La Hoya on his television series ‘Shaq Vs’ but my favourite of all time was watching two other NBA mega stars enter into the WCW wrestling ring. Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman took trash talk to the next level and ‘fought’ each other on a WCW show. Check it out.

NBA ballers have also shown that they have big hearts. Helping out people in need wherever they can. Dikembe Mutombo started a self named foundation to improve the living conditions in his homeland of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has been awarded numerous humanitarian honours and even started a hospital near his home. I’m not sure if the hospital was for victims of his blocked shots but that could be an idea for future Mutombo. Manute Bol was another legend of the NBA humanitarian game and, rumour has it, once killed a lion with a spear in Sudan while he was looking after his family herd of cattle. What a change that must’ve been for the big man. Killing lions one day and swatting shots in the USA the next. Manute had a huge heart. He helped out Sudan however he could. He wanted reconciliation in his home and spent and raised a great deal of money trying to do so. Eventually it was his big heart and an unfortunate gambling addiction which left him with nothing. This did not stop him from fundraising. At one stage he even became a jockey to raise money. Sadly Manute is no longer with us and in the cruellest of ironies contracted a rare skin disease while on a trip to Sudan which lead to the deterioration of his health and eventual death at just 47. On a lighter note, Dikembe fans have to play this game. It’s a game sponsored by Old Spice where you play as Dikembe and get to save the world. Amazing…


I will now finish with the ultimate in all things outside of NBA. Let’s forget about MJ when he tried to play baseball. Let’s forget about all his ‘retirements’ and terrible draft choices. Let’s remember the finest moment of his life outside of the NBA… Space Jam. The greatest basketball movie of all time. Somehow this movie has a rotten rating from critics on rotten tomatoes. Just 35%. 35%!. I am outraged to say the least. At the top of the official website under the rating there is a quote. ‘A harmless mishmash of basketball and animation that’ll entertain kids but leave adults less than thrilled’. Did these reviewers watch the same movie as me? I was enthralled. This movie had it all. Basketball. Cartoons. The Looney Tunes. Good Vs Evil. Bugs Bunny falling in love with Lola Bunny and the numerous sexual innuendos that went over the heads of the children who watched. Shawn Bradley. Charles Barkely. Larry Bird and Bill Murray. The real Bill Murray. The word legendary gets thrown around too much but I’m going to use it now. Space Jam and MJ’s performance was and still is legendary. Even the website is amazing. It has not changed since the movie was released. It’s like jumping in your own internet DeLorean… In other news apparently Jordan has some brand that’s pretty famous as well.


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Back To Back


It’s always a tough ask to win an NBA title but it’s even tougher to back it up and win the following year. Every team is gunning for you, wanting to beat the top dog and you never get an easy game. So with the Miami Heat winning their second consecutive championship this week, I thought we would have a look back at some of the NBA’s other back to back title winning teams.


Flagrant! Flagrant! Flagrant! – The NBA’s Moments Of Mayhem

We all love the game of basketball and everything that comes with it…

Players play hard night after night, but occasionally some get lost in the moment and….. BLAMMM!!

Emotions fly high, tempers ablaze, there’s a lot at stake and players will do whatever they can to get the job done.

Here we compile some of the hardest, grittiest, and downright ugly moments of the NBA.

Kevin McHale Decapitates Kurt Rambis

Game 4 of the 1984 NBA Finals and the Lakers are leading the Boston Celtics 2-1. It’s the 3rd Quarter and the Lakers are up 76-70 when Abdul-Jabbar pulls down a rebound, launches a quick pass up court to James Worthy, who lays off to Kurt Rambis who charges through for what should be a standard lay-up. Until… Kevin McHale rips through and completely clotheslines Rambis to the floor and causes all sorts of mayhem on court. It was the moment that really heated up that series and the violent physicality took off from that point. Some say it was an effective turning point for the Celtics as they went on to win that Game 4 129-125, and then took the next to games to win the 1984 Championship 4-2.