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On The Brink?

It’s a day late, but better late then never right?


After hearing my man Nick Caro question if he had lost his mind the other day after writing a brilliant article about my beloved Celtics, it got me to thinking.

Is being on the brink of insanity all part and parcel with being a sports fan?

Seriously how many other things in life are you willing to consistently lose stupid amounts of sleep too?

Parties? Maybe one every now and then.

Work? At times maybe, but when was the last time you were watching any sporting event and thinking to yourself ‘geez I wish this was over already’ like you would on any given working day.

It doesn’t matter which sport it relates to either, maybe you’re a Formula 1 fan – perhaps you love Premier League soccer. What ever your preference I can guarantee that you would not worry at all about being a zombie the following day as long as it meant you got your fix.

Does this sound like I’m complaining? Geez I hope not, there is nothing I love more than watching any sporting event I can get my eyes on. And if I have penciled in to watch one but for some unbeknown reason miss out on watching it live, I’ll be like a kid who has been told he can’t have a chocolate bar in the supermarket.

Now it relates to more than just watching these games, it consumes your life. Every single conversation you have, you are doing your best to direct it to sports somehow.

When you encounter a complete stranger and they start the conversation about NBA your eyes light up like a deer in headlights. You feel like a little kid on Christmas morning, you could stay there all day and just talk for endless hours.

How long do you believe you could maintain a conversation about sports for? I’d set the bar at 100 hours and that’s probably unders.

The reason I’m writing about this is because I found myself the other day sitting on the couch when a random though popped into my head ‘Do the Rockets hold a matchup advantage over the Cavs?’

Insane right?

I’m not going to lie; I still think it’s a little absurd. But the scary part, I think I may have talked myself into believing that this is true.

Have a look at the head to head battles and the advantage clearly goes to the Rockets.


Ask every single point guard in the league who they cannot stand to be guarded by and one glaring name stands out – Patrick Beverley.

Kyrie Irving faced off against Beverley once last season and yes he did have 21 points, this did however come from 19 shots and he did rack up 6 turnovers. In this game Beverley totaled 10 boards to go along with 8 dimes and 5 steals.

Advantage Rockets.


Dion Waiters has all of the necessary tools to be mentioned amongst the top shooting guards in this league, but for right now he falls behind in the pecking order to James Harden.

Two games from last season and the stats also show who is the boss:

J.H = 65pts (19-32 FG, 8-16 3PT) + 6rbs + 14asts

D.W = 45pts (19-35 FG, 3-9 3PT) + 7rbs + 11asts

Advantage Rockets.


The next battle is evident who wins however, in two games versus the Rockets LeBron James did have fairly standard games (for him anyway). Add Trevor Ariza and his insanely pesky defense to the matter and things could get interesting. For right now this one is pretty clear-cut.

Advantage Cavaliers.


Now we slip into some uncharted waters, the Cavs second big acquisition of Kevin Love really adds an interesting dimension. Will he maintain his Wolves style of game plan or move back into a low post scorer?

In three battles with Terrence Jones last season he easily won the battle, but Jones did not go down without a fight or give Love anything easy. In those three games he actually shot 30 of 64 but was a mere 8 of 20 from deep.

Advantage Cavaliers.


This is where the biggest advantage lies, Anderson Varejao is an admirable warrior but against Dwight Howard he just doesn’t have what it takes. Although they never matched up against each other last season, the chocolates fall in Howards favor.

Dwight needs to take full advantage of this matchup and cause the Cavs to collapse to open things right up for the shooters.

Advantage Rockets.


There you have it, judges’ cards have been handed in and it’s a 3-2 decision. Not decisive but hey, a win’s a win.

If basketball was a 5 on 5 game then the Rockets could undoubtedly knock the Cavaliers off but as we know an extensive bench is necessary in this league and the truth behind it all is that Cavs have a much deeper and better bench than the Rockets possess.

Of course this means next to nothing as two of the above statistics were taken when the Cavaliers newest superstars weren’t on the same roster. But hey, it was interesting to look at.

So all in all, you do have to be a bit insane to be a true sports fan.

Funny part about this entire article is that I can almost guarantee that every person who reads this has at one stage over the past year had a discussion with himself or herself.


My personal insanity level equals Hannibal Lector.


5 Things We Learned…

A new season, a new feature over at NBA Nation Australia!

Each week, we will share the 5 things we learned about the NBA from that week’s pool of games. A light hearted yet serious look at the good, the bad and the random that the NBA throws up at us each week.

Five random things that have us talking here at NBA Nation Australia HQ and Five things we think you guys will enjoy reading about…every week.

So here we go. The first list goes like this.