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Top 10 Worst Draft Night Suits




With the 2013 Draft night fast approaching, and Hoop heads discussing at length mock drafts etc, I decided it was only right to give to you a Draft piece a little different. 

Draft nights are a great occasion. Young talent finding themselves with contracts playing for franchises that only a few years before would have been just a dream. 

One thing that does stand out like a sore thumb at Draft nights is….. the suits that players choose to wear. I’ve always been intrigued who is helping the players select these? It surely couldn’t be a stylist? Maybe the young guys mums?

Either way, over the years we have been blessed to have been given some absolute fashion shockers and I am going to give you my personal Top 10.

Up first at Number 10….

10. Drew Gooden (2002, 4th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies)




NBA Nation Australia’s Podcast Guide

NBA Podcasting. A relatively new idea that has been brought about as a result of the planet continuing to engage in evolving technology. A medium for fans to gain access to a world of information surrounding their favorite topics and one that basketball fans are extremely involved in. Fans aren’t just listening to podcasts, they’re also being actively involved in their production with some fantastic amateur shows available, some of which originate right here in Australia. Yours truly has given up listening to music on the trip to and from work in exchange for NBA Podcasts and find a wealth of knowledge within it. There is something special about listening to a variety of different opinions and views on topics surrounding the game we love and podcasts are the ideal way to do that.

We at NBA Nation decided that as this ever evolving medium continues to grow and fluctuate, it becomes more and more important for people to become involved with podcasts. So, we’ve decided the best thing to do is provide our readers with a guide to six of the better podcasts out there including links so you can access and be a part of one of the fastest growing journalism avenues in the NBA stratosphere. In no particular order, this is NBA Nation Australia’s Basketball Podcast Guide. Enjoy!