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NBA Fashion (Socks and Sleeves): Part 2 The Sequel

Socks and sleeves. One has been around ever since the game began. The other is a recent fad that many people seem to be jumping on board with. Which socks are better? Short or long? Striped or plain? Light or dark? With compression sleeves does colour really matter? Do they actually do anything? Do they […]

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End Of An Era: Boston Trade Garnett, Pierce, Terry To Brooklyn

The Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets have agreed in principle to a blockbuster trade which sees a huge roster swap complete what will be remembered as one of the great eras in Celtics history. Earlier this morning, Yahoo! sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news that the Celtics were looking to offload Kevin Garnett, […]

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LeBron James Hammers Home Ridiculous Jam Over Jason Terry! (Video)


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Celtics “Not Impressed” By Miami Heat Win-Streak

It would seem most people around the League, be it fans, media, even fellow opposition would be impressed by a 20 game win streak. Well….. not the Boston Celtics. Chris Forsberg¬†posted a piece on ESPN today where he spoke to Jason Terry about the Heats mammoth win-streak. Here’s what Terry had to say about it…

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Wizards’ Crawford To Boston For Injured Barbosa

Washington Wizards guard Jordan Crawford has been traded to the Boston Celtics today in exchange for the injured Leandro Barbosa, sources confirm. Included in the deal, Jason Collins who will suit up for the Wizards. While Crwaford was seemingly a valuable part of the Wizards’ plan, he has been on the receiving end of reduced […]

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Mavs Guard Jason Terry Signs With The Boston Celtics

In news this morning Dallas Mavericks veteran guard Jason Terry has signed a 3-year, $15M deal with the Boston Celtics. The Celtics used a $5M trade exception to land Terry in a deal that only further strengthens Boston’s perimeter.¬†

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Very Superstitious!

We’ve all heard the stories of the rich & famous having the strangest of superstitions, why they have them we’ll never really know. Axl Rose has a bizarre superstition with the letter ‘M’, he refuses to play any city beginning with the scary ‘M’. Christian Bale likes going against superstitions and will walk ‘under’ a […]

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