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5 Things We Learned…

A new season, a new feature over at NBA Nation Australia!

Each week, we will share the 5 things we learned about the NBA from that week’s pool of games. A light hearted yet serious look at the good, the bad and the random that the NBA throws up at us each week.

Five random things that have us talking here at NBA Nation Australia HQ and Five things we think you guys will enjoy reading about…every week.

So here we go. The first list goes like this.



With the season creeping ever closer to it’s exciting completion, us at NBA Nation Australia were interested in who would be the best selling jersey of 2012. We had our suspicions, and have listed below the top 10 selling jerseys as announced by the NBA.

Did you have a guess at the top 10 jerseys? Were you right? How many jerseys did you buy this year?




As the 2011-12 NBA season creeps ever so closer to an end, the rumour mill of moves & trades begins to warm up as usual.

The whispers gathering most momentum seem to be mostly about Jeremy Lin.


The Pride Of New York

Anthony, Stoudemire, Lin, Davis and Chandler. These are some of the names that dominate headlines around the world of basketball. They are some of the faces and figureheads of the world’s greatest game. They play their hearts out night after night for one of the NBA’s most famous and respected ball clubs. But for all their mightiness, are the New York Knicks the leagues most disappointingly dysfunctional team? Should they, for all the time and money invested in building a championship team, be performing at a higher or more consistent level?