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Face in the Crowd

You know when watching a movie or even a TV show and an actor will pop onto the screen and for the life of you, you simply cannot put a name to their face.

The most infuriating part of the equation though is that you could rattle off every single movie or show they’ve ever appeared in and even quote some of their lines.

Why is it such a struggle then to recall a name?


NBA Christmas

Christmas Day Recap

Although it’ the Christmas Day spectacular, here in Australia it falls on Boxing Day and everyone knows this day is set up to rest your body after spending the day before trying to stuff as much food into your mouth as humanly possible.

If you missed today’s action due to still being in a food coma, we’ve got you covered.



Hornets Nest

I spent a few days tossing ideas around and even had a couple of hundred words written before I decided to scrap what I was going and go down a different path.

So without further ado, here is my weekly feature.

Huge thanks to one of my favourite pot stirrers Dave Jefferess for the inspiration.







What happens when you kick a Hornets nest?

One thing you can bank on is a whole bunch of pissed off Hornets coming out swarming and more than likely biting every square inch of your body.

Has anyone actually kicked the Hornets nest?

No, no they haven’t.

But are we all giving them a slight kick in the privates with every conversation that takes place about the Eastern Conference contenders and leaving them out?

I’ll put my two cents worth down right now; I don’t see them as a legitimate contender.

Does that mean that they aren’t worthy of being mentioned?

Of course not, they have earned that right.

After a heck of a run last season that saw them secure only their second playoff berth in the last 35 years, things are beginning to look up in Charlotte.

It’s even better now that they have shed themselves of, without doubt, the worst franchise name in NBA history and gone back to being the Hornets.

Seriously who thought that it was a good idea to name a team the Bobcats?

Let’s find that individual and lock them in a padded cell until they come to grips with what they did.

In last seasons playoffs no team wanted to come up against the formidable Eastern Conference powerhouse, Miami Heat.

The Bobcats – cringe every time I have to type that – fancied themselves against the Heat and surprisingly I was on their side. If it wasn’t for an unbelievably unlucky injury to Big Al, who knows what may have happened.

Side note, whenever I hear the nickname Big Al this is all that I can picture











Let’s move past that.

Kemba Walker automatically get’s a mention in my list of favourite players, why? Click here.

Sorry, but I just watched that video for the 400 Millionth Time.

He was on another level during his time at UConn and it was near on impossible to not get caught up in the Kema whirlwind.

Add to the two aforementioned players the fact that they somehow managed to day light rob the Pacers of Lance Stephenson (I cannot figure out how this happened still).

When you think of those three players (two stellar ball handling guards + a dazzling low post big man) and the bevvy of young stars they have on their roster (Cody Zeller, MKG, Vonleh) the sky is the limit.

The big question posed by Dave though however was, how will they go?

Once LeBron left Miami we all knew that the Eastern Conference was about to become a more even spread, and sadly when Paul George went down with his horrific leg injury it became a very open race.

The Cavs then decided to nab Kevin Love and lets not forget that the Bulls may have assembled one of the best rosters they have had in previous years.

Charlotte last season finished with a very solid 43-39 regular season record and my tip is they will go around better come next season.

I’m not willing to go all out and say they will increase this number by a drastic amount but I can easily see them finishing with a more than respectable 47-35 record.

This in my eyes should land them within the range of 4th to 6th in the East.

The true beauty within this Hornets squad though is that I cannot see a drop off coming within the years to come. Not only will they become accustom to the taste of NBA Playoffs but they may even cause some drastic upsets during this time.

It’s going to be an incredible journey and one that has been a long time coming, now that it’s here don’t bet on the Hornets going away peacefully.


Once a hornet gets a taste of blood they will not want anything else.


LeBron James Ridiculous Block on Tiago Splitter (Video)


Despite a less-than-brilliant performance from LeBron James, the Miami Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs easily in Game 2 103-84 today at home. Few highlights from the Heat surpass this incredible block by LeBron on Splitter’s dunk attempt in the fourth quarter. All Hail King James!

Celtics “Not Impressed” By Miami Heat Win-Streak


It would seem most people around the League, be it fans, media, even fellow opposition would be impressed by a 20 game win streak.

Well….. not the Boston Celtics.

Chris Forsberg posted a piece on ESPN today where he spoke to Jason Terry about the Heats mammoth win-streak.

Here’s what Terry had to say about it…


NBA Punters Picks

NBA Punters Picks

After a few days waiting for the league to settle most teams have 2-3 games under their belts. Some teams showing some stunning early season form (Houston) whilst others are struggling to get started (Detroit, Denver, Sacramento all 0-3).


VIDEO – NBA Finals (TV AD) – Its not a GAME!

The full 60 second version of the NBA’s Final’s promotion, enjoy.

Lebron gets showered in Boston


In Miami you get “Good job, Good effort” while in Boston you get a free shower courtesy of the Boston Garden.

Amare Stoudemire Punches Fire Extinguisher, Hurts Hand After Game 2 Loss To Miami

Amare Stoudemire has reportedly punched a fire extinguisher casing outside the Knicks locker room immediately following his sides loss to the Miami Heat in Game 2 of the Playoffs today. It’s been said that Stoudemire left the venue with his left hand heavily bandaged and the news that he had received stitches.