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Ten Things I Love/Hate About You


The NBA season isn’t too far away now and there’s a lot to look forward to in season 2013/14 but I thought I’d share ten things that are on my mind as we impatiently wait for the season to begin

10. Pre-season.

It’s better than no NBA basketball at all and it’s the pre-cursor to the real thing. Enough said.

9. The Cleveland Cavaliers.

What can I say about this youthful and talented squad? There’s Uncle Drew with those crazy handles, Andrew Bynum with that crazy, well everything, not to mention the hair watch we’re all constantly on. Then you have the explosive and exciting number one pick Anthony Bennett, who should give us Larry Johnson style highlights on the offensive end and be a disaster defensively. If Head Coach Mike Brown can get this roster to gel, they will be a highly entertaining team to watch, if not, there’s always Bynum’s hair to keep us all entertained.

8. Michael Beasley and Greg Oden.

You’ve got LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, etc, etc but what you now have to add to that locker room is a walking frame and a bong. Talk about two guys on their last legs! Oden is a guy I’ve always wanted to see come back from those knee injuries but now he’s on the Heat I’m not sure I feel as strongly about him overcoming those setbacks. Michael Beasley is one lucky cat. He’s also on his ninth life and if he doesn’t get his act to together then I don’t see any more chances coming his way, but then again, like Oden, I don’t want to see Miami gain another valuable piece to their team. Anyone got Beasley’s dealers number?

7. Lakers Losing It.

Now I know I’ll cop some grief for this one, especially considering I converse all too often with many Laker fans, not to mention my fellow NBA Nation Australia writers, but it has to be said that things don’t look too promising in Laker land this year and I for one won’t be losing any sleep over it. Kobe is on his way back from a serious injury at 4000 years old, Steve Nash is 5000 years old and Pau Gasol is just too nice to be a big man in the NBA. Whatever happened to that nice fellow Dwight? Sounds like a sub .500 year for the second best team in L.A. Yes I just called the Clippers the best team in L.A and it feels so wrong, yet so right.

6. Tank For Wiggins?

Things could get really ugly this year between the cellar dwellers. Next year’s draft is off the charts and there’s no shortage of teams willing to tank for Wiggins. I mean seriously, the mighty and proud Boston Celtics blew up their team to have a chance at getting that elusive number one pick next year so you know tanking is the new winning in 2013/14. I fear for my mental health when I switch on League Pass whilst nursing a hangover on a Sunday morning only to see the 76ers playing the Bobcats. Also, MJ, what the hell were you thinking with Cody Zeller!?

5. New Orleans Pelicans.

Of all the names you could choose for a sporting team, the Pelicans is the best you could come up with? Whoever is responsible for this atrocity should be forced to watch Austin Rivers rookie season over and over again. I’m sorry but I’ll never be able to take this team seriously now, actually, come to think of it, I don’t think I ever did beforehand! Move on.

4. Sun Shines In the Golden State.

One team I thoroughly enjoyed watching in last year’s playoffs were the Golden State Warriors. Those huge games from the sharp shooting Steph Curry were ones to remember and although they failed to beat the Spurs in the Western Conference semi-finals they showed they’re not a team you want to take lightly. They have made some solid off-season moves and providing Curry’s glass ankles stay healthy and Bogut can avoid whatever freak injury may occur then the Warriors will be a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Can the sun shine on the golden state?

3. Bring Back Wilt!

It’s about time we seen a scoring champ who averages over 30 points per game this season. KD, Melo, are you there? Shit, I don’t care if it’s Kobe and he shoots .400 to do it, actually I would take great pleasure in witnessing this; see number 7 on this list. I just think the scoring title isn’t the same when the winner averages a mere 28.7ppg. Bring back Wilt!

2. The NBA Finals.

The NBA Finals! What more do I need to say? I’m no fan of the Miami Heat or the San Antonio Spurs but watching that Finals series last season was unbelievably great. The spectacle, fanfare and meaning that comes with each and every game is what keeps me coming back every year to see it all play out. One thing though, hoop gods, can we not have the Heat again this season? Sincerely, Bulls fan Dan

1.The Return.

Ok, so it’s a little later than first anticipated but it’s no less exciting. The prodigal son returns, Chicago’s very own, D Rose, rises from his injury exile to take the league by storm destroying everyone in his path! Ok, so I’m going with the best case scenario here but after almost 18 months it’s my god damn right to be so optimistic! Bring on the season!

Andrew Bynum Agrees To $24 Million Deal With Cleveland


After missing the entire 2012/13 NBA season in Philadelphia, center Andrew Bynum has agreed to sign on with the Kyrie Irving-led Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2013/14 season. Bynum, who has famously struggled with injuries throughout his 8-year NBA career had been considering numerous teams including the Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks, but eventually decided on joining ex-Lakers coach Mike Brown as well as Irving, Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark in Cleveland. The deal is said to be $24.5 million over 2 years ($6 million guaranteed for the first year, $12.5 million team option for the second), a hugely lucrative deal for Bynum who has given no indication as to a return date. Bynum made $16 million in Philadelphia last season whilst not stepping foot on a basketball court during his time there, after being traded to the Sixers as part of the blockbuster deal which sent Dwight Howard to the LA Lakers last summer.

Cavs fans will be eager to see Bynum on the court alongside star point guard Kyrie Irving and number one draft pick Anthony Bennett, and will be hoping this will be the team to guide them back to the playoffs in 2013/14.

Nick C.

Breaking: Mike Brown, Cavaliers Reach Tentative Agreement For Head Coaching Role

Mike Brown

After being fired from the role in 2010, following the Cleveland Cavaliers loss in the Eastern Conference semi finals, Mike Brown has been tentatively reinstated as head coach of the team following the firing of Byron Scott late last week. Lasting only 5 games with the Lakers in 2012/13, going 1-4, Brown was let go by the team leaving him open to further coaching opportunities. His record with the Cavaliers was very impressive taking the team to a 272-138 record in his first five seasons in the hot seat and this no doubt played into his hands as Cavs owner Dan Gilbert again exercised his intentions to re-hire Brown. It is unclear of what the impending deal’s parameters are in terms of longevity and payment, but we do know Brown will be charged with the task of leading this under-performing, yet talent-filled team back to relevancy. Brown was fired by the Lakers while still being owed in excess of $6 million, and has been on their payroll ever since. Many are speculating that this signing of Brown by another club will help the Lakers offset the money still owed to him and allow them a considerable amount of financial leg room when it comes to paying their coaches. Current coach Mike D’Antoni is owed a touch over $12 million by the Lakers, and should they decide to part ways with him (something the Lakers have stated would not happen), they would have more money to spend elsewhere. Only time will tell when it comes to the Lakers intentions, but for now it seems as though Mike Brown will attempt to pick up where he left off with his Cavaliers.

Nick C.

Cavaliers Reach Out To Phil Jackson, Mike Brown In Search of New Coach


As reported late last week, the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers fired head coach Byron Scott following the culmination of what would be considered by the club and its fans a rather humiliating, disappointing season. The Cavs have been on a steady decline since the infamous departure of superstar LeBron James in early 2011, and have made every effort to get back to the playoffs by drafting young rookie star Kyrie Irving and re-building what many believe can be a competitive team going forward. This has not been the case recently, and the Cavs finished the 2012/13 season with a lowly 24-58 win/loss record, missing the playoffs and sparking the firing of Scott.


What Does D’Antoni Mean To L.A.?

After what was thought to be the job only Phil Jackson was going to take, the Los Angeles Lakers made a shock move late Monday night by hiring ex-New York Knicks and Olympic coach Mike D’Antoni. D’Antoni will likely assume control of the team against Phoenix on Friday as he is currently unable to fly to LA due to an existing knee condition he recently had surgery on. This hiring makes a lot of sense to the Lakers who have struggled to get any fluency on offense this season, and with players like Steve Nash, whom D’Antoni has coached before, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard on the team this is sure to be one big offensive juggernaut. Here, we’re breaking down what went wrong with Phil Jackson, and where the Lakers can excel under Mike D’Antoni.


With Mike Brown Gone, Where To Now For The Lakers?

Following the news on Saturday that the LA Lakers had fired head coach Mike Brown, there has been an influx of speculation about how the team will cope with the change, who would take on the challenge as an interim coach and ultimately, who would replace Brown. We’ve seen a very vulnerable Lakers team so far this season and yes, there are some excuses. Dwight Howard’s back, Steve Nash’s Leg, Kobe Bryant’s foot as well as others but the biggest concern amongst many fans was that Mike Brown was still holding his position as head coach.

After the worst start to a season since 1993/94, the Lakers had been very close to pushing the panic button with many people beginning to believe this may be a reincarnation of the much over-hyped team of 2004/05 and not in fact as scary as most thought they would be. Including the preseason, this Lakers team of Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash and Metta World Peace went 1-12. One single win in 13 games over 5 odd months. This team of superstars found themselves alone at the stone cold bottom of the Western Conference. Granted, it’s early days but fans in LA don’t want to wait. They want to win. Now.


Brown Benches Bryant In Dying Minutes As Lakers Fall To Grizzlies

Pretend for a minute you’re a coach of world champion basketball team. A team who’s name is synonymous around the world with a winning culture. Pretend for a minute you have perhaps the greatest player of all time playing on your team. A player who time and time again has ripped victory from the jaws of defeat. Pretend for a minute you are down 14 points, with 6 minutes left in the last quarter, in a game where you’re fans and management demand a win. Pretend for a minute, you bench you’re best player. Welcome to the Staples Center, March 25th 2012. Los Angeles Lakers v Memphis Grizzles.