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Jordan Clarkson A Rare Bright Spot in Lakers Misery

The LA Lakers story in 2015 hasn’t differed largely from what anyone imagined it would prior to the start of the season. One could even argue that this history making slide into obscurity could be seen a mile off. Well before they hired coach Byron Scott. Way before they traded for Jeremy Lin, and ‘won’ the rights to sign Carlos Boozer. Long before Julius Randle and Kobe Bryant went down with season ending injuries, and certainly before last week, when the Lakers lost their 60th game in a season for the very first time in their long history.



Mike D’Antoni Resigns As Lakers Coach

In the wake of one of the worst 24 months in Los Angeles Lakers history, much maligned head coach Mike D’Antoni has resigned from his position with the team effective immediately.

D’Antoni arrived in LA as a successor to Mike Brown, who was fired by the Lakers after a 1-5 start to the 2012 season. Formerly of the Nuggets, Suns and Knicks, he was unpopular with fans from the very start, with many believing Phil Jackson was the right option at the time.

D’Antoni, along with Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant struggled to make an impact on the league throughout his first season, ensuring the bad taste in fans’ mouths only worsened. Marred by injury, and a lack of talent in his second year, the Lakers and Mike never stood a chance in season 2013/14.

Last week it was reported that the Lakers were intent on keeping D’Antoni around until the end of his contract at the culmination of next year, but that he wanted them to pick up his fourth year option. Until today that was where it had been left, but earlier this afternoon ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reported that D’Antoni had, in fact, resigned. It isn’t clear what will become of the $4 million left on the table by Coach D’Antoni, but it has been said that an undisclosed amount will still be given to him.

Laker fans have been ruthless when it comes to Mike D’Antoni, and while not the best man for the job, he has given his absolute all to a team with no talent, an unfathomable injury toll and who are a shell of their former selves. The D’Antoni reign in LA was strained, but one that Laker fans can now move on from.

The search will now begin for a new coach, with a myriad of options exposing themselves within the last few hours. It is in the best interest to the Lakers to take their time, and make a choice which best suits the team and direction they’re headed in.

There are tough times ahead for the Lakers, so cool heads must prevail, and conscious decisions made when selecting the new man to guide them back to the top.

D’Antoni leaves the Lakers with a 67-87 record in his two seasons with the team

Lakers make it official; Add Kurt Rambis and Johnny Davis to Coaching Staff


Former player and coach Kurt Rambis, and Johnny Davis are the final additions to the Lakers’ and Mike D’Antoni’s coaching staff for the 2013/14 season, the team made public today. Following weeks of speculation surrounding who the much-criticized LA coach would add to his staff, Rambis was re-instated to his old job early Tuesday morning (Aus) much to the delight of many Laker fans who have been pleading for a change in coaching for almost a year. It’s not Phil Jackson, but Rambis does compliment a D’Antoni run team, and can help the Lakers troublesome defense as well as coach them out of the high turnover rates they’ve become known for.

“Kurt and Johnny bring many years of NBA experience both as coaches and as former players to this team,” D’Antoni told Eric Pincus of the LA Times. “Kurt is a great basketball mind, extremely good at working with big men, and his experience as a head coach in this league is going to prove very helpful to our staff. Johnny is a two-time NBA head coach with years of experience playing as well as coaching in this league. The vast array of NBA knowledge he brings to the table will be invaluable to us.”

Rambis will begin his new job in September when the Lakers start training camp.

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Phil Jackson on D’Antoni Hiring: “I Laughed”


Earlier today on ESPN’s Mike And Mike In The Morning 11-time championship coach Phil Jackson alluded to his reaction when he was told by Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak that he would not be re-hired by the Lakers in favor of ex Suns/Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni. It was almost a given that Jackson would return to the head coaching role left open by the recently fired Mike Brown, and no one expected the complete 180 Lakers management did that night. Calling Jackson at midnight to inform him that D’Antoni was the right man for the job over Jackson, considering the current roster including Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. Phil had kept quiet about the incident for the duration of the season, with many fans calling for Mike D’Antoni’s head and the ever present chant of “We Want Phil!” echoing around the Staples Center on a nightly basis. Even then he kept quiet. But on the eve of the release of his new book Eleven Rings: The Soul Of Success, Jackson has become more vocal about a number of topics, including that of the choice to hire D’Antoni.


Dwight Howard’s Message To Lakers Nation; Where To From Here?


After yesterday’s embarrassing loss to the San Antonio Spurs, and his untimely ejection from the game early in the third quarter, and what appeared to be a confrontation with GM Mitch Kupchak (later dismissed) Lakers center Dwight Howard finally opened up to the world via Twitter in an attempt to rectify what he felt to be one of the most disappointing seasons of his career. Howard, widely regarded as the league’s best center, was ejected from yesterday’s game following his second technical foul for questioning the officials non-call after what he believed to be a hard foul. In the midst of all this, the Lakers were down by 20 points and Dwight being ejected at this point essentially spelled a loss before the game was even over, and the end of the 2012/13 Lakers season.


Pau Gasol Out Indefinitely; Lakers Season Worsens


The Los Angeles Lakers turbulent season took another turn for the worse Thursday morning (Aus) as scans revealed key forward/center Pau Gasol would miss between 4 to 8 weeks of game time following a tear in his plantar fascia tendon. While the Lakers have been improving of late, winning 6 or their last 7, this potentially very damaging injury could put them back several places in the race for a playoffs birth.


Breaking Down The L.A. Lakers: Where Has It All Gone Wrong?

You don’t need to be an expert to see that there is trouble in Laker Land. This storied franchise came into to 2012/13 with a whole new arsenal of players and Championship aspirations, and so far they have looked everything but. The acquisition of  Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Jodie Meeks and Antawn Jamison (who is he again?) were meant to bolster the team into the upper echelons of the Western Conference and everyone many predicted that this would undoubtedly end in yet another title for Lakers. Since the start of the season, the drama that has unfolded has been nothing short of disastrous for the Lakers’ PR department, as the team reels at 15 wins and 16 losses a quarter of the way through to season. Who would have thought this stacked Lakers roster would be under .500 after 31 games?

Add into the mix the firing of head coach Mike Brown after Los Angeles started the season 1-4. The players remain adamant that it will turn around,  that they can right the ship through hard work and chemistry building. Sure, injury has plagued them through the initial stages, but with the team nearly back to full strength it’s hard to see a lot of improvement and it’s now becoming frustrating for fans, coaching staff, management and indeed the players themselves. It’s really quite hard to pinpoint where the Lakers are struggling, but here we’ll take a look at all the factors surrounding the team and allow you to break down where you think there is room for improvement and who may or may not be the true crux of the problems in Los Angeles. We’ll look at the players, coaches, fans and more to try and better understand what the real issues are that face one of the most famous sporting franchises in history.



What Does D’Antoni Mean To L.A.?

After what was thought to be the job only Phil Jackson was going to take, the Los Angeles Lakers made a shock move late Monday night by hiring ex-New York Knicks and Olympic coach Mike D’Antoni. D’Antoni will likely assume control of the team against Phoenix on Friday as he is currently unable to fly to LA due to an existing knee condition he recently had surgery on. This hiring makes a lot of sense to the Lakers who have struggled to get any fluency on offense this season, and with players like Steve Nash, whom D’Antoni has coached before, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard on the team this is sure to be one big offensive juggernaut. Here, we’re breaking down what went wrong with Phil Jackson, and where the Lakers can excel under Mike D’Antoni.


The Pride Of New York

Anthony, Stoudemire, Lin, Davis and Chandler. These are some of the names that dominate headlines around the world of basketball. They are some of the faces and figureheads of the world’s greatest game. They play their hearts out night after night for one of the NBA’s most famous and respected ball clubs. But for all their mightiness, are the New York Knicks the leagues most disappointingly dysfunctional team? Should they, for all the time and money invested in building a championship team, be performing at a higher or more consistent level?


D’Antoni resigns as Head Coach of the New York Knicks

Mike D’Antoni earlier today has resigned from his position as Head Coach of tImagehe New York Knicks. There has been much speculation since the return of superstar Carmelo Anthony that the two did not see eye to eye. Carmelo recently came out in full support of his then head coach saying he supported him “100%”. 

It is unclear which direction the Knicks will go at this early stage, assistant Mike Woodson is preparing to take over the team in preparation for tonight’s game against Portland.

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