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Top 10 Worst Draft Night Suits




With the 2013 Draft night fast approaching, and Hoop heads discussing at length mock drafts etc, I decided it was only right to give to you a Draft piece a little different. 

Draft nights are a great occasion. Young talent finding themselves with contracts playing for franchises that only a few years before would have been just a dream. 

One thing that does stand out like a sore thumb at Draft nights is….. the suits that players choose to wear. I’ve always been intrigued who is helping the players select these? It surely couldn’t be a stylist? Maybe the young guys mums?

Either way, over the years we have been blessed to have been given some absolute fashion shockers and I am going to give you my personal Top 10.

Up first at Number 10….

10. Drew Gooden (2002, 4th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies)




2013 DRAFT WATCH – Part 3

With the NBA Draft Lottery today, we saw it fit to give you, our readers another dose of our Draft Watch.

Earlier on this season, I began taking a look at potential talents that had team scouts and fans hot with frenzy.

Here we look at our next group of potential stars..

Nerlens Noel – Power Forward/Center



This powerful, tall, shot blocker currently plays his ball out of the University of Kentucky, so it would be safe to say he is coming from good stock. Currently being touted as one of the best shot blockers to come along in years and is known for having a fantastic work ethic. Whispers are suggesting that he is just as good as last years Draft Number One – Anthony Davis, so we should be in for a real treat. Not only does he possess great length (7′ 4″ wingspan) but his body is NBA ready. Noel is also known to have great steals ability for such a big man. This exciting prospect is currently predicted to go at Number 2, which would see him fall to the Orlando Magic.



Welcome back readers,

Here we have another round of breaking down the games of potential Draft prospects and let you know what they will be bringing to the table if they get the chance to shine in the big League.

If you missed round 1?….. Don’t sweat, you can find it right here.

First up..


Ben McLemore – Shooting Guard




This slick shooting guard who currently plays his ball out of Kansas, has been the talk of many NBA scouts. An Ultra smooth shooter who has been drawing comparisons to Ray Allen, not only has a precise shoot but is very athletic too. Known as a great team player who despite his shooting ability will not ball hog and picks up his fair share of assists. Expect McLemore to go Top 5.