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NBA Power Rankings

Welcome to the first of NBA Nation’s NBA Power Rankings! Where does your team fit in?

1. Los Angeles Clippers (8-2): One reason this team is top of the power rankings aside from their superb record is their depth. They are a completely stacked team, with two key players still sitting out due to injury. They are that deep, there have been reports of players as key as Chris Paul and Blake Griffin complaining about a lack of minutes. With back up guards playing like max contract starters, and the bench committing more than any other in the league, there’s little doubt this Clippers team are currently the most powerful team in the league.

2. New York Knicks (7-1): Playing like men possessed, this Knicks outfit boasts the best record in the East, and has just been surpassed by the Clips for top spot this week. For the oldest team out there to be taking it to the league is something to be admired. Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith have found a harmony, while Jason Kidd and Ray Felton have found a commonality that has seen them become one of the better guard combinations in the NBA. Ever the reliable anchor is Tyson Chandler, while the return of Marcus Camby and Amare Stoudemire should help the team even further.

3. Memphis Grizzlies (8-2): Could have surpassed New York for the 2 spot had they not fallen to the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday. If they hadn’t lost there was every chance Memphis could have strung together a big 13 game win streak as they have a good home stretch against under .500 teams coming up. But, it matters little. this team is still playing deadly basketball, and is getting great production out of their bigs in Randolph and M. Gasol while Rudy Gay is turning into the player we all know he’s capable of being.



With this being the second from last Power Rankings before the Playoff, it’s been a very entertaining week with some big matchup’s. Boston beating Miami on the road,  then getting beat by Toronto at the end of it. Chicago beating both Miami and New York at home while also losing to the Knicks on the road. The Lakers also beat reigning champions Dallas. In a time of the regular season where legs are rested, and teams being to ‘tank’ how did your team fair up in our weekly Power Rankings. Catch up with NBA Nation Australia same time next week for the last regular season Power Rankings.

1. Chicago Bulls (46-15)

With the return of Rose this week, the Bulls continued their strong finish to the regular season. Beating New York, Miami & Detroit this week with only one loss against the Knicks on the road Chicago continue to look the team most certain of a Finals appearance.  With the current best record in the league and obviously the best percentage (.754) the Bulls continue to dominate and top our Power Rankings this week.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder (44-17)

While the Thunder topped most Power Rankings last week and could very well top a lot this week, we at NBA Nation Australia believe Chicago did just enough by beating teams of Playoff worth to pip Thunder to the top spot. Still, a very strong week playing 5 games and winning 4 of those, with more than convincing wins against Toronto, Milwaukee, Sacremento, and Minnesota. With Durant and Westbrook still continuing to tear it’s way through the league, and KD still in run for the MVP spot the Thunder still have one of the best records in the league. With a great win percentage of .721, and another strong week, the Thunder sit at out number 2 spot. (more…)