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Following on from Nick C’s opening Julius Randle Rookie feature, I have decided to choose new Boston Celtics draftee Marcus Smart. My decision behind the pick was that as a Boston Celtics fan, I feel I can give a true account to his Rookie season as I’ll be watching him more than any other rookie in the League, while trying to stay as unbiased as I possibly can.


NBA: NBA Draft



2013 DRAFT WATCH – Part 4

That time is getting closer, rumours are circling about which players may be working out with what teams, and suggestions of teams working towards certain options come Draft night have fans and bloggers invested with great interest.

Last weeks Draft Watch saw us take a close look at 3 players that will more than likely be picked first round. So, this week I’ll be taking a look at players that may fall that little deeper into the Draft.

Without further ado..


DeShaun Thomas – Small Forward/Power Forward





This experienced Forward currently plays his ball at Ohio State and has had a very solid year.  Thomas is the only Buckeye to have declared eligibility for this years Draft, and despite a very good year it is currently projected that he may be picked late into the second round. Thomas definitely possesses attributes that will have perked up the interest of various scouts and GM’s around the league, and am confident he can make his way into the League given the right team. Thomas have a great natural ability for scoring and did so well this year, averaging 19 points a game for the Buckeyes. Also, Thomas is a very solid 3pt shooter, who this year finished up averaging 34% from behind the arc. 


2013 DRAFT WATCH – Part 3

With the NBA Draft Lottery today, we saw it fit to give you, our readers another dose of our Draft Watch.

Earlier on this season, I began taking a look at potential talents that had team scouts and fans hot with frenzy.

Here we look at our next group of potential stars..

Nerlens Noel – Power Forward/Center



This powerful, tall, shot blocker currently plays his ball out of the University of Kentucky, so it would be safe to say he is coming from good stock. Currently being touted as one of the best shot blockers to come along in years and is known for having a fantastic work ethic. Whispers are suggesting that he is just as good as last years Draft Number One – Anthony Davis, so we should be in for a real treat. Not only does he possess great length (7′ 4″ wingspan) but his body is NBA ready. Noel is also known to have great steals ability for such a big man. This exciting prospect is currently predicted to go at Number 2, which would see him fall to the Orlando Magic.



Here we go… it’s that time of year again!

That time where we all are glued to College ball games, and checking stats and reports on the new young ‘uns coming through.

If you followed us through last season, you will know we had our eyes peeled for most players that were finding themselves rising and dropping down mock draft lists.

Last year we picked out 3/4 players each week and gave you our rundown on each players strengths, weaknesses and the general feelings around the net regarding said players.

Currently there is 206 days until the 2013 Draft, so that gives us and yourselves to stick with us at NBA Nation Australia as we find at dissect the stars of tomorrow.

To kick start my Draft watch this year, I’ll start with the player that is currently topping the Mock Drafts that matter…


Cody Zeller – Power Forward/Center




This powerful PF/C from Indiana, has been the talk of people close to the League for sometime. Brother of Cleveland rookie Tyler, Cody plays his college ball out of his hometown. A very smart player with a basketball I.Q years beyond his young age, Cody not only has a good brain but is very skillful for a big man. Cody can at times be caught charging up court and catching defences off while he picks up easy baskets. Despite standing at 6’11”, Zeller is very versatile and is very active even when off the ball. Zeller has a great physical frame, and still has room to bulk up more. Has a pretty decent jump-shot, and tends to hit his free throws.