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Trade Deadline Snapshot

One of the more crazy trade deadlines has finished, with some mind boggling deals going down at the death. Here’s a really quick snapshot of the reported trades that have happened overnight



Celtics Fans Say Goodbye To Fan Favourite Green

It’s always hard seeing a player you like traded away. You watch these guys almost daily, playing their way through a tough 82 game regular season. It’s hard not to feel connected to these players in some way.

Some players you tend to feel an affinity to more than others.

Stand up Jeff Green.



Rudy Gay Traded to Sacramento

Rudy Gay has been traded from the Toronto Raptors in a multi-player deal to the Sacramento Kings, reported Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski yesterday. As part of the deal Gay will head to the Kings alongside ex-Toronto team mates Aaron Gray and Quincy Acy, while the Raptors will receive forward John Salmons, guard Greivis Vasquez, Patrick Patterson and Chuck Hayes.

Following a 6-12 start to the season, the Raptors have seemingly elected to dump the salary of Rudy Gay, owed $17.8 million this season and $19.3m (player option) the next, and begin the rebuilding process with a clean slate. GM Masai Ujiri has also been able to unload the contracts of Gray and Acy in the deal, clearing approximately $3.5 million extra in cap room. Of the incoming players, Chuck Hayes is owed $6 million, while John Salmons is only guaranteed $1 million of his $7 million contract. Toronto has cleared the books, taking on board only expiring contracts while also clearing the quagmire that was Rudy Gay’s deal and can now stake their claim via a solid rebuild.

The Kings have now added another name to their roster of talented stars including DeMarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas and rookie Ben McLemore, and should fit in well with the 5-13 Pacific Division cellar dwellers. Gay, who was traded by the Grizzlies to Toronto before the trade deadline last season, is averaging a respectable 19 points (38% shooting), 7 rebounds and 2 assists per game in 2013/14 and while his shot selection is often questionable, is a good addition to an already talented group. Is he the answer? Probably not, but the Kings now have another name which will help put bums on seats at Sleep Train Arena.

Washington Wizards v/s Phoenix Suns January 21, 2011

Freeing the Polish Hammer

Freeing the Polish Hammer – an ENTERTANKING update.

When word filtered through on Saturday morning that the Phoenix Suns had agreed to trade the package of Marcin Gortat, Shannon Brown, Kendall Marshall and Malcolm Lee to the Washington Wizards for the very valuable (but very injured) Emeka Okafor and a top-12-protected first round pick, my initial reaction was one of shock.  Shock not at the fact that the Suns had traded Gortat (this was universally accepted as given at some point this season) but that they had pulled the trigger so early on in the piece, before Gortat had had a chance to artificially inflate his value by piling up big numbers as the trusty anchor of an awful team.  Adding to that sense of shock was the fact the Suns had decided to include two of their more productive veterans in Shannon Brown and Malcolm Lee as well as onetime Nash heir apparent/ 2012 #13 draft pick Kendall Marshall. That’s four, yes four active NBA players, being traded for a solid but indefinitely inactive veteran and a heavily protected first rounder.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Dallas Mavericks

By conventional wisdom,  this trade would be considered a howler for the Suns and an act akin to  dark wizardry by Washington, but this blog (and this franchise) isn’t a place for conventional wisdom, oh no this blog is a place for ENTERTANKING wisdom.

Make no mistake about it, when held in the context of ENTERTANKING this trade is a MASTERPIECE, for BOTH the Wizards and the Suns.  The Wizards get the reliable veteran big (Gortat) that their very talented, but frustratingly inconsistent young roster needs in order to make a legitimate push at a playoff berth and three other useful pieces (either as trade assets or role players) in Brown, Lee and Marshall as an added bonus.  All of this for just the price of a veteran big who wasn’t likely to play much of a part this season due to injury and a first round pick that if all goes according to plan, won’t be all that valuable anyway.  (The top 12 protection on this pick is essentially a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ button). For a franchise that fancies itself a legitimate playoff contender and the Wizards certainly do, this is the exact type of trade they should be making, and one can only applaud them for doing so.

From the Suns perspective, this trade is a work of absolute unashamed ‘ENTERTANKING’ genius. By agreeing to ship Gortat, Brown, Marshall and Lee in exchange for two assets that either can’t (the draft pick) or are unlikely to (Okafor) suit up this year, the Suns have managed to achieve three things that are crucial to the achievement of both their long term and short term goals.

Firstly, in the short term, the Suns have rid themselves of arguably their most productive player in Gortat, an act that ensures he cannot accidentally win them an extra five games due to individual acts of brilliance. For a team that has a vested interest in losing as often as possible this can only be considered a good thing.  Secondly, by trading Gortat they’ve also freed up valuable development minutes for promising young centre (and 2013 #5 pick) Alex Len.  The inclusion of Brown, Lee and Marshall in the trade means the Suns have also freed up minutes at the 1 and 3, two of their most backlogged positions. This should ensure they are able to give promising rookie SG/SF Archie Goodwin more minutes, without having to sacrifice minutes of the likes of the Morris twins and PJ Tucker. For a team that is on record as planning to develop around young talent, this is arguably an ideal outcome.  Additionally, the decision to jettison Marshall, so soon after drafting him only further serves to reaffirm that the Suns are all in on the Bledsoe/Dragic guard combination going forward, something that should excite the success starved fan base.

In the long term, the combination of extra minutes for youth (and the inevitable extra losses that should follow), another potential first round draft pick in the highly anticipated 2014 draft (the Suns also potentially own their own pick, Indiana’s pick and Minnesota’s pick as well) and the $15 million of future cap space the widely expected buy out of Okafor will bring about, should ensure that this trade is seen as a landmark moment in the Suns all out ENTERTANKING.  Go Suns!

Note: It has to be said that the players not named Gortat seem to be the real losers in this trade, but hey, someone had to lose, and for once it wasn’t the Polish Hammer, so no harm, no foul as far as I’m concerned. (Especially in the case of Shannon Brown, dude should NEVER HAVE LEFT THE LAKERS)

– Brenton

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ENTERTANKING update:  The official ENTERTANKING scale and scorecard will be posted this week, prior to the tip off of the first Suns game.  So be sure check back in with myself and the crew at NBA Nation Australia.

Timberwolves, Pekovic Agree To 5-Year, $60 Million Deal

Wizards v/s Timberwolves 03/05/11

The Minnesota Timberwolves and restricted free agent big man Nikola Pekovic have agreed to a multi year deal said to be in the realm of $60 million, reported ESPN this morning.

The 27-year old Montenegrin center had been courted by other NBA teams, but wasn’t extended an offer due to said franchises being wary of the Wolves desire to hold on to Pekovic. Wolves president Flip Saunders had expressed his intention to re-sign him as the team’s number one priority throughout the off season, and seemed ecstatic that the two parties had reached an agreement which will see Pekovic in Minnesota for a further 5 seasons.

“We’re very excited that he’s chosen to continue his career in Minnesota,” Saunders said. “Thanks to a lot of hard work and determination, Pek has developed into one of the NBA’s premier centers and is entering the prime of his career. We envision Pek and Kevin Love being the ‘Bruise Brothers’ and forming one of the best frontcourts in the NBA for a long time to come.”

Having already acquired Kevin Martin and Corey Brewer this summer, the Timberwolves are now in a good position to make a big statement in a stacked Western conference, and the Pekovic deal further solidifies the team’s chances of remaining a healthy, competitive force. Pekovic played 62 games last season, averaging 16 points and 8 rebounds a game, showcasing a value in the pick and role as well as well as a huge figure defensively. Should they remain healthy, the Wolves are indeed another threat in the West.

Pekovic will return to the United States from his home in Montenegro before NBA teams resume training camp.




Pistons Acquire Jennings in Sign and Trade with Milwaukee


The Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to a sign and trade which will see guard Brandon Jennings head to the Detroit Pistons on a 3-year, $24 million deal, as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports this morning. As part of the trade the Pistons will send Brandon Knight to Milwaukee along with Slava Kravtsov and forward Khris Middleton. Jennings, who shot a touch under 40% last season for the Bucks has long been searching for a contract which would guarantee him big money and a leading role, but so far had not been able to land a deal and it was becoming more likely that he would remain with Milwaukee will at least the end of the 2013/14 season.

The Pistons, who recently added forward Josh Smith to the roster, will be looking for Brandon Jennings to improve his efficiency after giving him about $4 million under what the point guard was asking. They’ll likely play him at shooting guard due to the signing of Chauncey Billups earlier in free agency, with the remainder of the starting lineup consisting of Josh Smith at small forward, Greg Monroe at power forward and Andre Drummond anchoring the paint. The bench is also rounded out by the inclusion of Rodney Stuckey, Will Bynum and rookie Peyton Siva.

Brandon Jennings averaged 17.5 points and 6.5 assists in 80 games for the Bucks last season.

Nick C.

Thomas Robinson Traded To Portland


The Houston Rockets continued clearing cap space today in the hope of gaining the signature of prize free agent Dwight Howard and the Portland Trailblazers were the big winners.

The Blazers are sending the rights to Kostas Papanikolau and Marko Todorovic, as well as two future second round picks for Robinson, according to Adrian Wojnarowski oy Yahoo Sports.

Robinson was the fifth pick in the 2012 NBA Draft and although he hasn’t quite lived up to expectations so far, he hasn’t been given much of a chance. Many expect that with more court time in Portland, due to their lack of a decent bench, he should show quite a marked improvement.

Dan Attias.

End Of An Era: Boston Trade Garnett, Pierce, Terry To Brooklyn

Boston Celtics v Charlotte Bobcats

The Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets have agreed in principle to a blockbuster trade which sees a huge roster swap complete what will be remembered as one of the great eras in Celtics history. Earlier this morning, Yahoo! sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news that the Celtics were looking to offload Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to the Nets in exchange for Keith Bogans and three future first round picks. This followed the epic departure of longtime coach Doc Rivers for the Western rivals the Clippers not even a week ago. Holding up the deal was Garnett’s ‘no trade’ clause within his contract which states that should the Celtics attempt to trade him, it can only be completed upon his approval and waiving of the clause. This afternoon, the great KG did just that and in turn opened the flood gates on the biggest trade to rock the NBA in months. We are only now getting an insight into what the parameters of the trade actually are.

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry will head to the Deron Williams-led Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Kris Humphries, Reggie Evans, Gerald Wallace, Tornike Shengelia and Keith Bogans plus three future first round picks (unprotected) in 2014, 2016 and 2018. ESPN reported a big reason for Terry being involved in the trade was because Boston are absorbing the $30 Million contract of Gerald Wallace. The Nets however still have a payroll of approximately $100 Million and are deep in luxury tax territory in 2013/14. Boston have gone into full blown rebuilding mode, attempting to gather as many picks as possible in what we can assume will be a draft-oriented build. 

The trade cannot be made official until July 10th when the NBA will lift a league-wide moratorium on all trades and signings.

This City Needs A Hero!


We’re a week out from free agency 2013, and the Los Angeles Lakers are all in for Dwight Howard. It was only this time last season that Howard’s situation was being speculated about throughout the summer, until he finally landed in southern California with a huge smile on his face and the aspirations of a championship in tow. Now, only months later, there are billboards around LA pleading with him to stay.


Draft And Trade Rumours Update

25/06/13 11:04pm

Just a quick update on some of the rumblings around the NBA with regard to the upcoming draft and free agency.

– Cavaliers reportedly offered their 1st and 19th draft picks for LaMarcus Aldridge. Portland declined the offer.

– JR Smith unlikely to pick us $2.9 million option in favour of the Knicks being forced to sign him, should they wish to keep him, (which all sources allude to) via the “Early Bird Exception” which would likely see him get the league average salary, roughly $5 million per season.

– Chicago Bulls are exploring a trade which would involve Luol Deng for the Wizards third pick in the draft with Washington centre Emeka Okafor reportedly part of the deal. More rumours that the Cavs have an interest in Deng.

– Nets and Timberwolves reportedly talking about a trade involving Marshon Brooks.

– Patty Mills has exercised his player option with the San Antonio Spurs and will return to play for them next season.

– Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune reports that Minnesota president of basketball operations Flip Saunders has ruled out giving up Derrick Williams for the opportunity of moving up the draft. Wolves look set to keep their ninth pick.

– Sacramento Kings looking to trade Jimmer Fredette for a late first round draft pick.

Dan. A