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Wait, What If?

The first ever annual Wait, What If? article. We spend an inordinate amount of time sitting and pondering these little sliding doors type moments and trying to predict what could be.

This article could go on for days if I was allowed to do this about any topic within the history of the NBA, but seeing as though I’d prefer not to bore everyone to death I’m sticking with events from this season. (more…)

Brooklyn Nets Announce New Coach Jason Kidd


Jason Kidd has been announced as the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets just weeks after his retirement from professional basketball. Kidd, who played for the Nets from 2001-2008, expressed his interest in coaching after his playing career many times and was considered the front runner to land the job for the past few days as the Nets deliberated over who the best fit for the team would be. Brian Shaw, who has filled assistant coaching roles for the Lakers and Pacers, was interviewed for five hours by Brooklyn this morning, only to be told his services were not required, and Kidd would be filling the position. The Nets fired interim coach P.J Carlisimo immediately following their exit from the playoffs, and have been searching for a replacement ever since. The pickings haven’t been slim, either, with many coaches becoming available throughout the past few months including George Karl, Vinny Del Negro and Brian Shaw amongst others. The thought is that the Nets and Kidd, however, have agreed to a 3-year contract which will see him in charge until the summer of 2016.

Having only retired a week ago, Kidd is now the only player since Mike Dunleavy in 1990-91 to go immediately from playing to coaching from one season to the next.

The introductory press conference will be held tomorrow.

Nick C.

Video: Nets @ Bulls 3OT Thriller

Chicago took a 3-1 lead over Brooklyn earlier today after battling it out in a 3OT classic.

Final Chicago 142 Brooklyn 134

Sit back and enjoy the highlights below.

NBA unveils Christmas Day Uniforms.

Basketball for all this Christmas

The NBA today unveiled the uniforms teams will be wearing on Christmas Day this year.



After various photos were leaked through numerous social photo apps recently, the Nets have come out and unveiled their new home – The Barclays Center.

The Nets official website this week posted the good looking photos, as  well as dropping some specs on us..



Dwight Watch

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Amid the hundreds of rumors surrounding the NBA’s free agency period, none have been more prevalent than the situation involving Orlando Magic All-Star center Dwight Howard and his apparent indecision about picking a team to play for. So far we have heard that Howard has called for a trade to Brooklyn and been courted and traded for by Houston all as a result of his claim against the Magic in which Dwight claimed he was blackmailed by management in an effort to retain his services. Teams chasing Dwight have been put back to the drawing board again and again in order to obtain the seemingly eccentric super star.