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NBA Nation’s Season Previews: Part 2



The huge story for the Bulls is, of course, the return of their super star guard Derrick Rose after more than a year and a half out of the game following his crippling knee injury during the 2011/12 playoffs. The big questions about Rose’s ability to return at full strength and be the competitive force we all know and love remain the talk of the town, and any Bulls fan will tell you they are as anxious as ever about the return than ever before. After so long out of the game, it’s no secret it will take time for Rose to settle back into his role as the leader of the team, and help them win the games they need to in order to remain a threat to Miami come the business end of the season. Their success this year will depend on it, and if he can’t guide them back to the top of east, the Bulls and their fans will see season 2013/14 as a bitter disappointment. But the Bulls are far from irrelevant, with a lineup that remains competitive enough to warrant being in the conversation when discussing the upper tier in the Eastern conference when playing well. Their tall front court of Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng is one of the more defensively tough lineups in the NBA and should continue to plague team’s who depend on high scoring players to win games. The second string should also provide some valuable minutes off the bench with the likes of Taj Gibson and Kirk Hinrich, as well as new recruit Mike Dunleavy and Jimmy Butler who are all capable of playing their roles well on a team desperate for some talented depth. Overall, the Bulls should enjoy a more consistent season after having dropped the dead weight and simplifying their lineup.


NBA unveils Christmas Day Uniforms.

Basketball for all this Christmas

The NBA today unveiled the uniforms teams will be wearing on Christmas Day this year.


Denver Re-Sign JaVale McGee

The Denver Nuggets have re-signed 24 year old center JaVale McGee to a 4 year, $44 Million contract, sources say. Mcgee, brought to Denver from Washington earlier this year, was instrumental for the Nuggets through their playoffs series against the Lakers in May. Questions were raised as to the validity of the trade which saw star center Nene shipped to the Wizards for the at times erratic McGee but he was able to prove himself and earn the respect of the Nuggets organization and the fans during his time with them. McGee’s talents were brought to light when facing elimination at the Staples Center in game 5 of the first round of the 2011/12 playoffs against the Lakers where he scored 21 points and pulled down 15 boards to help the team avoid sudden death.


Woman Runs Onto Court During Game 3 – Lakers @ Nuggets


So….. continuing on from our Eastern Conference Playoffs post, here are the Western Conference match-ups previews and predictions.



With this being the second from last Power Rankings before the Playoff, it’s been a very entertaining week with some big matchup’s. Boston beating Miami on the road,  then getting beat by Toronto at the end of it. Chicago beating both Miami and New York at home while also losing to the Knicks on the road. The Lakers also beat reigning champions Dallas. In a time of the regular season where legs are rested, and teams being to ‘tank’ how did your team fair up in our weekly Power Rankings. Catch up with NBA Nation Australia same time next week for the last regular season Power Rankings.

1. Chicago Bulls (46-15)

With the return of Rose this week, the Bulls continued their strong finish to the regular season. Beating New York, Miami & Detroit this week with only one loss against the Knicks on the road Chicago continue to look the team most certain of a Finals appearance.  With the current best record in the league and obviously the best percentage (.754) the Bulls continue to dominate and top our Power Rankings this week.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder (44-17)

While the Thunder topped most Power Rankings last week and could very well top a lot this week, we at NBA Nation Australia believe Chicago did just enough by beating teams of Playoff worth to pip Thunder to the top spot. Still, a very strong week playing 5 games and winning 4 of those, with more than convincing wins against Toronto, Milwaukee, Sacremento, and Minnesota. With Durant and Westbrook still continuing to tear it’s way through the league, and KD still in run for the MVP spot the Thunder still have one of the best records in the league. With a great win percentage of .721, and another strong week, the Thunder sit at out number 2 spot. (more…)

George Karl thinks JaVale McGee is Kareem …

George Karl has over stepped the line. Ever since the Nuggets traded their star centre away for Javele McGee (helping the Clippers get Nick Young in the process) they have been back pedalling. Now George Karl has fallen over himself trying to convince everyone this trade was a good idea;


[On Javele McGee ] “I think he plays a little bit like Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar), but he’s a defensive Kareem more than an offensive Kareem. He’s not going to be a power player, but he’s going to be an athletic-length-long player.”

George, I love your style, I love your attitude, you bring grit and toughness to the Nuggets. But stop it. Kareem was selected on 11 NBA All- Defensive teams, Kareem was a smart, intelligent player, Javele McGee is a goof.

Lets give Karl the last laugh – he has worked magic with the team he has now, maybe he can squeeze blood from this stone.

Garnett Makes History, Despite Celtics Loss

In Denver tonight, Kevin Garnett made NBA history. (more…)