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Finals Cooking – @jLmcKern

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NBA teams are like recipes from a cookbook, the good ones are simple and subtle yet have plenty of flavor whereas the bad ones can be confusing and taste like something that expired weeks earlier.

We are down to the point in the season were the remaining teams need every little piece of the recipe to come together and perfect that ideal meal.

In the Western Conference right now it looks like a complete mismatch, it’s a cook off going on between Heston Blumenthal and a burger flipper at your local McDonalds.

The Spurs have long been the Masterchefs of perfecting a rotation and having all of the key ingredients play their part without overpowering the entirety of the meal.

This showcase has somehow, beyond the realms of possibility, gone to another level this postseason. At times you feel sorry for the team on the other side of the court but as a fan you are left sitting in your chair watching on with your jaw to the floor.

Yes the Thunder have been weakened by injuries, losing Ibaka is like making a shepherds pie without the base. They have lost their foundation and without it they have simply fallen apart and look like a complete mess.

Now they face their biggest challenge yet, yes bigger than the NBA Finals from two years ago, they find themselves in a 0-2 hole and have the advantage of being at home, they will not won’t to disappoint their home audience.

In order to showcase their abilities and get this meal back on course to being a winner, they need the rest of their ingredients to evolve into pieces they are not used to being. The big men have to stand up and take the burden on and prove that they are not simple burger flippers but master class workers.

In the Eastern Conference you find a complete different story, it’s a battle of two 3 Michelin Star teams. Something that even right before the Playoffs began seemed like mission impossible as the big teams were all falling into the post season.

As we prepare ourselves for an epic game three battle, we dissect the two courses we have already devoured and dined on. The beauty of having such a spotlight on these games is that when somebody isn’t delivering as they normally would you can notice the ripple effect on the rest of the team.

Picture one of your favorite meals and the herbs and spices that may go into it, now remove one of them and the difference is monumental.

Both the Pacers and the Heat are missing ingredients from the first two games and whichever team can find the salt shaker or locate a different herb from their cupboard to replace the original will go a major way in deciding who wins the battle.

In Game 1 the Heat severely missed one of their key ingredients in Chris Bosh, the big man went an awful 4-12 from the field and a shattering 0-5 from deep. He ended the game with a +/- of -16 and the Heat showed that without his input and impact they are not what we expect. Let’s not get carried away, his second game wasn’t a thing of beauty but he showed a lot more effort and ended with a (-4) however the Heat won.

Game 2 for the Pacers wasn’t a complete disaster however there is evidence that the kitchen wasn’t far away from burning down. Paul George was the only starter who had major struggles from the starting group but the root of the problems lay beyond the main foundations, the bench was a complete shambles.

They (Mahinmi, Watson, Scola & Butler) combined for a total of 9 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist.

Most chefs will tell you that the best pieces of any meal consist of the hidden parts that nobody gives attention to; in basketball this is your bench. The players who hardly ever garner attention but make as much of an impact as the key players, if the Pacers bench can’t contribute to the recipe the Pacers team along with the fans will be left with a sour taste as they rue yet another lost season.

Which team will work their magic with the cookbook they possess and produce the better tasting dish?

James McKern

paul george

Paul George, Pacers Agree To Maximum Contract Extension

Pacers young gun, and recent playoffs revelation Paul George is today said to have agreed to a huge $90 million, 5 year contract extension with the Indiana Pacers ahead of the upcoming 2013/14 NBA season, sources reported early this afternoon, thus making him the team’s number one franchise player moving forward.

In just his third season, George was monstrous throughout last season’s playoffs (and in the absence of Danny Granger) averaging 19 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assist per game, guiding the Pacers all the way to a Game 7 loss to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. He was also named the NBA’s most improved player of 2013, proving it with his thrilling post season performance.

This is the icing on the cake for a Pacers team that had an incredibly successful season, and solid off season signing and re-signing players to retain a core that they, and many others believe will content for a title in 2014. Star forward Danny Granger returns from injury, David West and Roy Hibbert re-signed with the team for a further three and four years respectively, and the signings of Luis Scola and Chris Copeland improve the team’s understrength bench dramatically. Will it be enough to dethrone the Heat? Hard to say, but there is little doubt that Indiana have built a solid core that will give it a damn good shake.

The deal is said to be in the final stages of negotiation, and is expected to be signed off on before the end of the week.

NBA unveils Christmas Day Uniforms.

Basketball for all this Christmas

The NBA today unveiled the uniforms teams will be wearing on Christmas Day this year.


2012 NBA Semi Finals Preview

2012 NBA Semi Finals Preview


Los Angeles Lakers (3) vs Oklahoma City Thunder (2) – Western Conference Semi Finals (more…)

Indiana Pacers rip on Amare with Twitpic



So….. here we go, it’s that time of year again.

The NBA Playoffs are what we as ‘ball fans relish, players playing out of their skins, entertaining to the wire match ups. This is what it’s all about.

With this being us at NBA Nation Australia’s first year in the Playoffs, we’ve decided to do something special. We have invited some good friends along for the ride also.

So sit back, have a read through and allow us to hype you up more than you already are for the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

Starting with the Eastern Conference Playoff match-ups.



With this being the second from last Power Rankings before the Playoff, it’s been a very entertaining week with some big matchup’s. Boston beating Miami on the road,  then getting beat by Toronto at the end of it. Chicago beating both Miami and New York at home while also losing to the Knicks on the road. The Lakers also beat reigning champions Dallas. In a time of the regular season where legs are rested, and teams being to ‘tank’ how did your team fair up in our weekly Power Rankings. Catch up with NBA Nation Australia same time next week for the last regular season Power Rankings.

1. Chicago Bulls (46-15)

With the return of Rose this week, the Bulls continued their strong finish to the regular season. Beating New York, Miami & Detroit this week with only one loss against the Knicks on the road Chicago continue to look the team most certain of a Finals appearance.  With the current best record in the league and obviously the best percentage (.754) the Bulls continue to dominate and top our Power Rankings this week.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder (44-17)

While the Thunder topped most Power Rankings last week and could very well top a lot this week, we at NBA Nation Australia believe Chicago did just enough by beating teams of Playoff worth to pip Thunder to the top spot. Still, a very strong week playing 5 games and winning 4 of those, with more than convincing wins against Toronto, Milwaukee, Sacremento, and Minnesota. With Durant and Westbrook still continuing to tear it’s way through the league, and KD still in run for the MVP spot the Thunder still have one of the best records in the league. With a great win percentage of .721, and another strong week, the Thunder sit at out number 2 spot. (more…)

NBA Today – Feb 29

The NBA is back baby. 

A full slate of games today, with the highlight being  T’ Wolves @ Clippers in the night cap game. 

Happy Leap Day everyone,

Games today:

Celtics @ Cavs

Warriors @ Pacers

76ers @ Pistons

Hornets @ Bulls

Raptors @ Rockets

Wizards @ Bucks

Nets @ Mavericks

Jazz @ Kings 

Timberwolves @ Clippers