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‘The Backpack Baller’ – Interview With Brad Graham


This weekend past, I clicked into my ‘Podcasts’ app on my iPhone to see which of my favourite NBA Podcasts had been updated with new episodes. It was then that I noticed the brilliant CRTSDE podcast had posted a ‘Mini-sode’ which had regular B.G discussing his new project ‘The Backpack Baller’. At first, I thought it may have been a story involving a backpacking traveller trekking the world while taking in as much hoops as possible. How wrong I was!

In fact, B.G (Brad Graham) has put together a book, actually, a much needed book about Superstar Kevin Durant.

I got to throw a few questions Brad’s way about this amazing project, including what areas the book touches on, and what it’s going to take to make it happen.






This week, our very own Nick Caro was very kindly asked to guest on the great ‘That Basketball Show’ podcast.

Of course with us being big fans as well as friends of the boys from the show, Nick jumped at the chance.

Aside from the usual banter, the Lakers woeful start to the season was discussed at great length, Pumpa’s Golden State Warriors received some chatter as well, plus all the usual round up of the past few weeks in the League.