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Shaq Being Investigated For Alleged Assault

Former NBA Champion and TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal is currently being investigated by authorities for an alleged assault that reportedly occurred at Turner Studios in Atlanta in May of 2013.

An employee of Turner Sports has alleged that Shaq assaulted him in the hallway of the studio, “hitting him in the back, and landing on top of him”, and that he is still recovering from surgery as a result of his injuries. O’Neal’s camp have denied any wrongdoing, stating that the incident was nothing more than “horseplay”. The employees attorney has refuted that the kind of injuries sustained could not possibly result from ‘horseplay’.

No charges have been laid against the 4-Time champ, and the investigation continues. You can read an excerpt of the police report below:

“According to Robert Williams, a co-worker of O’Neal’s at Turner Studios, for whom O’Neal is an NBA analyst, the 15-time All-Star ‘ran out of a room and hit me with a tackle punch to the back knocking me down and falling on top of me injuring my neck and back.’ The investigation was initially handled by the zone and as that investigation deepened, it was transferred to the complex case squad.”

[Source: CBS Sports/NBC]


DeMarcus Cousins To Sign Max Extension With Kings

Just days after NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal purchased a small share in the franchise, the Sacramento Kings and star center/power forward DeMarcus Cousins have reportedly agreed upon a $62 million maximum rookie contract extension which will see the young star commit to another 4 years with the team.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reported earlier that new owner Vivek Ranadive had grown fond of the 23 year-old throughout his short time in charge, but had been somewhat hesitant to offer him a max deal considering his unattractive track record of suspension and management enforced benchings, missing several games last season.

Cousins is considered one of the top up and coming big men in the league. Incredibly efficient on the boards, averaging 10 a game last season, while also proving himself to be a quality scorer, there is plenty to love about this talented Kentucky native. It evidently became apparent to Ranadive that Cousins is worth the risk, and offered him the contract that will keep him there until the end of 2018.

It’s hoped that the 2010 5th overall pick can grow into the leader the Kings need him to be in order to give them their first playoffs birth in 7 years.


Shaq Buys Stake In Kings; Hopes To Help Return Them To Form

Remember way back in 2002 when, during an LA Lakers Finals sweep, the great Shaquille O’Neal dubbed the opposing team the “Sacramento Queens”? So do we. Well, today it has been reported that the NBA great-turned TNT analyst has purchased a share in the Kings’ franchise and is now a minority stake holder in the team.

O’Neal spoke with USA Today’s Sam Amick earlier today about his decision:

What interested me in this deal is the new vision, the new Kings, the new everything. I’ve always wanted to be part of something like this. … It’s going to be great.

It is also hoped that Shaq’s presence will help to mentor promising, yet wayward Kings center DeMarcus Cousins, and help him become the player that many believe he can be. Cousins has the gift, but has a history of aggravation and suspension which has clouded his reputation and ability to grow as a player. The inclusion of Shaq as a part of the franchise will surely go a long way in helping the young star in the making, stating he plans on helping him grow as a leader

I’m not going to try to change his game — I like his game. But he’s the leader on our team, so I’ll talk to him about leadership and good examples. I’ll talk to him about doing things a certain way and doing things consistent.

This is surely a step forward for the struggling franchise, which has languished at the bottom of the Western conference for a number of years now, amongst waves of uncertainty surrounding their future. Following the decision by the league to keep them in Sacramento, it is further clarification that the team is attempting to replicate the dominance they shared with the Lakers and the Jazz through the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Shaq operates as an owner in the NBA, and if he can indeed help them get back to being the team he so famously battled throughout his time with the Lakers.

The Best of the Big Three Phenomenon*

Big threes. Every team wants one. Most teams have one. They just come in varying degrees of awesome. Recently it all started again with Boston. Garnett, Allen and Scalabrine…. sorry. Typo. Garnett, Allen and Pierce. They could do it all and turned a once struggling team into a powerhouse and became the team everyone wanted to be.  After Boston came Miami. They jumped on the Big Three bandwagon. Massive trades. Huge dollars. Ridiculous press conferences. Lebron. Wade. Bosh. From then on the Heat have been almost unstoppable. Believe it or not, Big Threes aren’t a new craze. They’re like pogs or tazos, they come and go. What I’ve done here is chosen my personal favourites and most entertaining Big Threes of all time.


One Day In L.A: How The Dynamics Of The Los Angeles Lakers Rest On One Man’s Shoulders


It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers have built their franchise on risk taking and money spending. From the showtime era to the current…well… not so showtime era, the Lakers have always been happy to spend the extra money, and take the extra risk to ensure that silverware returned to the city. This ethos has paid off for the Lakers time and time again, but now, they face a whole new risk and as of 3PM (US EST) today, they officially handed over the reigns to a man who now has the club, and the people of LA eating out of the palm of his hand and bowing to his every need. The Lakers are now at the beckon call of Dwight Howard and if this team is to succeed in the near future, it is imperative that they do all they can to keep him. I have argued, as have many, that the Lakers, in order to remain top dog should trade Howard as the risk of losing him to free agency for nothing is too great a risk to take.  If he leaves, the Lakers are left with nothing but a memory of the year that could have been, but wasn’t. They however, do not feel the same way. The trade deadline has come and gone and as Mitch Kupchak stated would be the case, Dwight Howard is still very much a Laker and he will be until July 1st 2013. Beyond that only he knows but now, he can dictate his way around the Lakers organization just as he did Orlando. He can direct to his taste the offense, the defense, the coach, the players. Everything.


Cleveland offer multiple picks for NOH #1

You have capital – so why not spend it? Thats exactly what Cleveland have done.



Don’t Believe The Hype! Don’t, Don’t!!

The NBA and the Hip-Hop world have had close ties for years, and the merging influence has been obvious for sometime.

Iverson’s rapstar-like cornrows, to players wearing ‘urban’ brands and ‘baggy’ attire, all the way to the BEATS phenomenon. Rappers wearing NBA jerseys, quoting players in lyrics and being seen at games. The two go hand in hand.

But what about NBA players spittin’ venom on the mic?

Well that’s just it…… quite a few have, and not many quite live up to the hype.

Here are some of the NBA players that have ‘graced’ the mic: (more…)