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London Hosts The NBA Tomorrow (Knicks V. Pistons)


The NBA returns to the UK as the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons battle it out at London’s O2 Arena! It’s the third regular season game trip the NBA has made to the country and it has always been a raging success. The Knicks are taking the East by storm, while the Pistons are still struggling to find some sort of relevance throughout a rebuilding period, but nonetheless it should go a long way in helping to showcase the game to fans in the UK. It’s a great expansion idea from the NBA’s marketing team who no doubt have high hopes that they can grow the game outside of North America.  Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler will return to the city where just months ago they claimed the gold medal and the 2012 London Olympics, and the Knicks will also welcome guard Iman  Shumpert back into the lineup. With no tickets left, the average asking price for the event online is a whopping 335.23 pounds! That’s about $508 Australian.

The game will be available for all NBA TV League Pass Subscribers live at 7AM Friday morning (AUS)

Now, when’s the NBA coming to Sydney?

Stoudemire To Miss 6 Weeks

Bad news for the New York Knicks today as Amare Stoudemire has been ruled out for at least the first 6 weeks of the NBA season, due to kick off tomorrow.

Stoudemire suffered a ruptured cyst in his knee last week in a preseason game against the Toronto Raptors and was initially only diagnosed as having to miss 3-4 weeks at most, but as the pain increased in his knee, so did his need of a second opinion. Following a consultation with a former doctor of Stoudemire, it was concluded that the rupture had caused more damage than first thought, and more rest was required for the knee to fully heal.

This is a huge blow to the Knicks who are currently dealing with injuries to Tyson Chandler and Marcus Camby, as well as working out their rotations for their first match up against fellow New York team the Brooklyn Nets on Friday (Aus time). Stoudemire’s injury could potentially sideline him for high priority games against Miami, Philadelphia and other playoff predicted teams.

Nick C.


With the NBA just around the corner, the team at NBA Nation Australia decided to take a look at who we think are the current 25 Best players in the league. We thought it was going to be easy and that we would all agree, ha! If it was only that simple. After days of discussion and a few little arguments, we have finally managed to put together a list!  Am sure some of you will think we have been too generous with some spots, too hard on some players, or just downright crazy!? Check it out and let us know!


February 10th 2012 was the day I went from being a “believer”, a term us Knicks fans have rather flippantly used over the long winters of the past decade to a BELIEVER!  From today, we will turn the season around, turn all the doomsayers into dust. This was going to be our year. This was the player that was going to be the glue that will help bond our 2 All Star’s together and form the most potent offence is the league. Linsanity had truly arrived.  Forget about his games against the Nets, Jazz and Wizards. Don’t get me wrong, these were huge and had all of the Big Apple talking, but if he was truly going to be the savior the Knicks fans craved, then the game on February 10th was going to be it. A nationally televised, prime time game against a team with history running through their veins and a superstar guard wanting to end the run of this little kid from the Ivy league . The Garden was rocking and every bar in New York was packed. I took myself down to my local in Brooklyn ordered some Buffalo Wings and set in to watch history in the making. The Knicks were playing the LA Lakers, but more importantly, Lin was playing Kobe.


Defensive Player of The Year – Tyson Chandler