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Wait, What If?

The first ever annual Wait, What If? article. We spend an inordinate amount of time sitting and pondering these little sliding doors type moments and trying to predict what could be.

This article could go on for days if I was allowed to do this about any topic within the history of the NBA, but seeing as though I’d prefer not to bore everyone to death I’m sticking with events from this season. (more…)

Chris Webber 1993

One in the Same

Every night before going to bed I have to allocate 10-15 minutes to try and decide which NBA game I’m going to put on to fall asleep too.

It honestly doesn’t even matter if I’m exhausted, unless there is an NBA game playing through my TV I’ll struggle to fall asleep. (more…)

NBA Christmas

Christmas Day Recap

Although it’ the Christmas Day spectacular, here in Australia it falls on Boxing Day and everyone knows this day is set up to rest your body after spending the day before trying to stuff as much food into your mouth as humanly possible.

If you missed today’s action due to still being in a food coma, we’ve got you covered.



The Spice of Life

It’s a natural progression for an NBA player to get better with each and every passing season. Once they’ve adjusted to the pace and rhythm of the NBA and get comfortable within their own groove are they able to truly showcase their skills.


A glaring difference with the players lies solely within each individual’s talent levels and more importantly their own work ethic.



Tortoise and the Hare

The Friday Feature has returned! It’s been long overdue but it’s back for good.

<checking calendar>

Ahh crap my phone was still set to New York time, ok so it’s actually Saturday and not Friday. Who cares here comes an article.



Mixed Bag

This article is my first take on nailing down a couple of completely random thoughts/suggestions about the upcoming 2014/15 NBA Season.

Not one thing you look at may make sense to you, and that’s perfectly fine because the assorted array of conclusions I’m about to write about are my own personal views.

Want to know why compiling these kinds of lists are so much fun?

To show you how much fun writing these lists can be, I’ve made a list to break it down.



Kerr Spurns Knicks; Accepts Offer From Warriors

Former Chicago Bull, and now first time coach Steve Kerr had recently been heavily tipped to join his old coach Phil Jackson at the New York Knicks in a head coaching role, however this morning it was reported by TNT’s David Aldridge that Kerr had accepted a much more attractive offer from the Golden State Warriors.

It has been said that Kerr and the Knicks were ‘locking horns’ when it came to a deal, with the Knicks being unwilling to place all their eggs in one basket when it came to hiring Kerr. Being a first time coach, the Knicks had been wary of investing in Kerr long term, given their recent struggles and ongoing salary cap concerns.

Earlier today the Knicks sweetened the deal, adding a fourth year to Kerr’s offer, but it is now apparent it came too late.

Y! Sports reported that although Kerr’s relationship with Jackson was and still is strong, the allure of the Warriors offer, coupled with a much more talented team, was too good to turn down.

One concern for the Knicks is Carmelo Anthony, and ensuring his signature remains in New York, but with Phil’s record now standing at 0-1 when it comes to winning out, many are now of the belief he will walk. Of course, there are countless other factors that must be considered when it comes to Anthony’s future.

The Warriors, after firing Mark Jackson last week, had put in calls to Stan Van Gundy (before he took a role with the Pistons yesterday), and others, before offering Kerr a whopping 5 year, $25 million deal. A sizable contract for an unproven coach. One could argue that the Warriors have placed too much faith in a rookie coach, especially since they fired Mark Jackson with the intention of bringing in extra experience. Only time will tell if the deal pays off for Golden State.

Kerr, 48, has most recently been an analyst for broadcaster TNT alongside Kevin Harlan, Marv Albert and Reggie Miller.


Why Mark Jackson’s Firing Is Completely Understandable – @Ryan Oak

The Golden State Warriors fired coach Mark Jackson on Monday; one day after the team was eliminated from the playoffs, losing in the first round in a seven-game classic to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Almost immediately there was an outcry, with many pundits believing it was an extremely harsh decision, considering the success Jackson had achieved at his time at the helm.

During his three years as head coach, the team improved dramatically.

In his first season with the club, the team struggled to 23–43 record in the lockout-shortened season of 2011-12, as the team adapted to Jackson’s new style and systems.

However, in 2012-13, Jackson led the Warriors to a 47–35 record and a sixth place finish in the tough Western Conference. This marked the first time the Warriors had reached the playoffs since the 2006–07 season.

And this year, the Warriors improved to 51–31, the team’s first season with 50 or more wins since 1993-94, clinching another playoff berth.

The team, however, had championship aspirations, so the first round loss was considered somewhat a disappointment, and Jackson was given the bullet.

Though coaches should be judged on performance – and the Warriors performed relatively well this season, especially considering Andrew Bogut’s injury for the playoffs – something has been off at Golden State for awhile, and this decision was actually rumored weeks ago.

Two assistant coaches were let go under strange circumstances, there was talk of Jackson disrespecting Hall of Famer Jerry West – who is an executive board member at the club – and there appeared to be a personality clash between Jackson and owner Joe Lacob as well.

Whatever was going behind the scenes, all was not well with the Warriors. The decision is therefore a shock, but no real surprise. And I appreciate how stupid and confusing that sounds.

Yet from a pure coaching perspective, I think Jackson was overrated anyway.

He made great time-out speeches, his players loved playing for him, and he brought a long overdue defensive mind-set to the franchise.

However, his in-game coaching was terrible at times.

In the fourth quarter of game 6 against the Clippers, Draymond Green received his fifth foul. Jackson immediately replaced him with David Lee – who also happened to be on his fifth foul. On the very next possession, Lee fouled Blake Griffin – on a converted 3-point play no less – and subsequently fouled out with a lot of time left in the game. That’s just a horrible, irresponsible gamble.

With 12 seconds left in game 7, and the Warriors down four, the play coming out of a time-out ended up being a Steph Curry runner from three-point land. You would hope a team can get a better shot than that out of a time-out.

There were a number of similar coaching mistakes in the playoffs, and though one could use the excuse that Jackson was still learning his craft, such growing pains would be acceptable if the expectations for the team were lower.

Unfortunately for Jackson, the team had grown so much from a talent perspective, that it didn’t really have time to wait for him to catch-up. Rookie errors from the coach were hard to tolerate with this roster.

In any event, it wasn’t just the playoffs that highlighted potential reasons why Jackson may not have been a fantastic coach.

Part of the attractiveness of signing Andre Iguodala as a free agent was the potential to play Curry – the best shooter in the NBA – off the ball more often. Yet during the season, how many times did we see plays run with Iggy as the primary ball-handler?

There was also a strange reliance on the unreliable Jordan Crawford, the inability to get the best out of Harrison Barnes, and a penchant for over-relying on Curry – and to a lesser extent, Klay Thompson – to bail the team out when they were in trouble.

Meanwhile Jackson’s reluctance to play small ball at times seemed counter-productive, considering the Warriors roster is destined to play that style of basketball.

The simple truth is that the Warriors, at this stage of their development as a team, may simply need a better coach.

Yet ironically, I don’t think that had anything to do with Jackson getting fired.


Warriors Fire Mark Jackson; Issue Statement

The Warriors and Mark Jackson met this morning following the team’s first round loss to the Clippers on Sunday, resulting in the firing of the third year coach. Jackson, who had one year remaining on his deal, was sent packing by the team after failing to meet their expectations this past season. However, the former point guard led the Warriors to a 51-31 record this season, and two straight playoffs appearances over the last two years, raising questions about why he was sacked.

According to multiple reports, Jackson’s relationship with the Warrior’s front office had soured when the team failed to offer him a substantial extension following the 2013 playoffs in which he lead the Warriors out of irrelevancy and back into contention.Surprisingly, although the season was a successful one, the issues behind closed doors were enough to warrant firing Jackson and the team will now begin its search for a replacement.

You can read the statement from Warriors GM Bob Myers below:

“It’s never easy to make a decision of this nature. Mark has accomplished many good things during his three years with the organization, including his role in helping elevate this team into a better position than it was when he arrived nearly 36 months ago. We’re appreciative of his dedication and commitment since his arrival and are extremely grateful for his contributions. However, as an organization, we simply feel it’s best to move in a different direction at this time.”

Owner and CEO Joe Lacob had this to say:

“Mark Jackson has had a big impact on the improvement of our team and the success that we’ve had over the last couple of years. Nonetheless, we must make some difficult decisions in our day-to-day operations of the club and this would certainly qualify as one of those examples. We wish Mark the best of luck in his future endeavors and thank him for his contributions over the last three years.”

Jackson signed off with the below tweet


NBA Nation Australia’s Roundtable – Featuring Tom Read, Alex Young and Terry Goldfain

It’s been some time since our last roundtable, so this week we’ve decided to bring in a couple of new contributors as well as a familiar face or two to discuss some of the recent hot topics in the NBA. We’ll be looking at everything from the Warriors playoff hopes, the Thunder’s challenge without Westbrook, The Knicks chances of taking the East, the Boston Celtics troubles, injures and Jason Collins’ recent news. To kick things off we welcome back Tom Read from the #BelieveTheHype podcast, as well as SidelineAgenda.com contributor and all round sports nut Alex Young, and Houston Rockets/NBA social media commentator Terry Goldfain to the party along with regulars from NBA Nation Australia Nick Caro and Sam Monaghan. Lets go!