The trade that wasn’t.

So the trade deadline pretty much passed without fuss.

There wasn’t the last minute superstar deal to send Twitter and the Net into a frenzy, which would have been great for us!

But reports have emerged over the last couple of days that a superstar trade ALMOST happened and if it wasn’t for some last minute nerves, well, we would have had that online frenzy and Twitter would have most likely exploded.’s Chad Ford has reported that the Atlanta Hawks were only moments away from sending All Star Power Forward Josh Smith to the Milwaukee Bucks on deadline day. In return for J-Smoove, the Bucks would have sent the expiring contracts of Luc Mbah a Moute, Ekpe Udoh and Beno Urdih, plus a protected future first round draft pick to Atlanta.


What could have been?

You can understand their nerves though. Regardless of your opinion on moving Smith on, or keeping him in Atlanta, you cant deny Smith’s importance to the Hawks right now. Atlanta are on track for the playoffs, and Smith is one of the main reason’s why. This is why I think the Hawks have rolled the dice and decided to keep him. With 30 more games to go this season, the Hawks can solidify their playoff spot, and come the postseason, who knows how deep this team can go. Come the end of this season, the Hawks have plenty of cap space to play with and with a few key signings might just be able to convince J-Smoove to stay. Who knows?


If you had asked me a month ago, I would have said he was gone for sure, but with the trade deadline come and gone, and a few healthy offers on the table, especially that from the Bucks (reports that Brooklyn also made a deadline day play at Smith), well….I think the Hawks are going to make one last play at convincing Smith to stay in his hometown. Sure it’s a gamble. Josh Smith can choose his own destiny at the end of this season, but I think it was a wise move for the Hawks to gamble on this.

Will it work out? Only time will tell…

Let us know what you think? Did the Hawks make the right move by keeping Josh Smith or will we see Smith take a walk out of Atlanta at the end of the season and into the arms of another team.


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  1. Wasn’t aware of this one – thanks for the info, nicely written!

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