Who is better – Melo or Kobe?

Without a doubt the NBA is experiencing one of its brightest periods. We are witnessing perhaps some of the best players of the last 20 years play alongside each other. Super Teams are being built each year – Miami, Boston, Los Angeles while others are still rebuilding. Superstars still remain.

Facing off ... Bryant and Anthony

Facing off … Bryant and Anthony

This season we have seen the Knicks emerge as a force in the East. Out West many feared the Lakers would dominate but haven’t yet managed to find their feet. Two players have stood strong amongst these two teams- Melo & Kobe. They are the NBA’s leading scorer’s but who would you rather have today?


The Smile & The Scowl

The Smile & The Scowl

Anthony has been criticised for being selfish player. But this year he has taken his team to another level. Melo has adopted a leadership role within the Knicks organisation, on court he is carrying the team on his back. Melo has lifted the Knicks out of the hole they were in. Taking a look at some of his stats shows he is possibly having a career year- averaging 27 points per game, shooting 47% FG and 45% from 3 point range. Most impressive has been his performance on the boards an average of 10 a game. Taking these 10 boards per game and fitting in alongside Chandler has forced teams to box out two players now, often creating an overlap for the Knicks. Melo has been integrall to the Knicks success this season – they wouldnt have beaten the Nuggets and Lakers without his huge point totals, but its the other aspects of his game (passing, rebounding, off the court) which have brought about the MVP conversations.

Melo or Kobe?

Melo or Kobe?

The Man, the Myth, the Legend that is Kobe Bryant – the twilight of his career is eating into his one of his last chances to win a title. Kobe like Melo is known as a ball-hog, preferring to take the shot rather then pass. This season though hasnt been about Bryant its been about those around him. Most notably their sucky defense. Bryant has help up his end of the deal, defensivly this season he has held opposition shooters to 32% from the field. With Kobe on the court the Lakers are actually 20 points better per 48 mins, unfortunatly Kobe cant play all 48 minutes at 100%. In the last 10 games (up until 16/12/12) Kobe has averaged 32 points per game – an NBA top 5 performance. At the moment Kobe has career highs this season in field-goal percentage, 3-point percentage, true shooting percentage, offensive rating and win shares per 48 minutes — that covers virtually every vital offensive statistic. But yet his team is still struggling.

So it comes down to you – the NBA Nation Australia readers.

Who would you prefer on your team today? 
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